Dear owners of holiday/furnished accommodation

Furnishing a holiday home

As we are now in limbo, renting furnished accommodation once again, I thought it worth passing on these guidelines to people seeking to make money from investments in holiday or furnished rentals.

Another move done…

Global nomads

We loved living in Noosa Waters in many ways, but in many other ways we learnt that this life isn’t for us –this community, this normality, this way of life.

Bloody kids… bloody sunrise…

Day light savings nightmare

One of the greatest things about living in Singapore is that the sun rises at 7am and sets at 7pm, 365 days a year, every year. This meant that the boys slept until 7am at least

I hate gossip

Don't gossip

I really hate gossip. I find it extremely dangerous, hurtful, petty and most of the time, the person is completely wrong. It’s like being judgmental – which I also hate

My husband… an incompatibility

True love

When we met it was like falling in love with an opposite sex version of ourselves, we were so closely aligned in all of our thinking, values, morals and more.

The reality of the move kicks in

Andrea Edwards

We got rejected with our third request for a lease extension. We don’t know if the real estate agent is doing a number on us or

Flat, flat, flat!

Weary mother

I’ve had a few weeks of really achieving some great stuff, but right now, I am done in. The main reason has to be my boys and this cold snap.

A charitable heart… where have they gone?

Be generous

We are currently living in a sensational area of Noosa – waterfront living at its best. Yesterday I notice this woman traipsing the street and I ask her what she’s up to.