Memory lane… Billy Idol

Girls day out

In 2003 I saw Bill Idol in concert in Sydney. I went with four amazing friends and we accidentally had the greatest day

Travel trauma… airports!!!

Tales from an experienced traveler

I have absolutely no idea how many planes I’ve been on or how many countries I’ve been to, all I know is that in both cases, it has been a lot.

My husband… too cold to shag


We don’t need to look too far for reasons to get back to Asia – we miss it – the life, the freedom, the ability to all achieve what we want to achieve, and so much more

Magnificent movies… Zoolander

Ben Stiller

We decided it was time for a giggle last night, as we’ve been doing a lot of serious life pondering lately, so we sat down to Zoolander.

I bloody hate phones, do you hear me?

I hate phones

Something I need to share with everyone – to ensure there is no more confusion or a feeling of rejection as I rarely answer my phone or return calls – is due to a simple emotion – I HATE them