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The Know Show is a Livestream held every fortnight on Friday, where Andrea T Edwards, Tim Wade and Joe Augustin, and at least one special guest, review the news that’s getting everyone’s attention, as well as perhaps what requires our attention. We’ll talk about what it means to us, the world and we hope to inspire great conversations on the news that matters in the world today.

The Know Show is based on Andrea T Edwards Weekend Reads, which are published every Saturday on andreatedwards.com, and covers the climate crisis, topical moments in the world, global politics, business, social issues, and passion/humor/history.

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Your Hosts

Joe Augustin

Andrea T Edwards, CSP

Tim Wade


Avni Martin, Andrew Milroy, Anupama Singal, Andrew Bryant

Arishta Khanna, David Lim, Cathy Johnson, Chris McDonald

Karen Leong, Dr David Ko, Lavinia Thanapathy, Dion Jensen

Kerrie Phipps,Glenn van Zutphen, Joanne Flinn, Denys

Grant Bosnick,Graham Harvey, Julian Mather, Kevin Cottam

Marc Allen, Lindsay Adams, Philip Merry, Phillipa Edwards

Richard Busellato, Robert Kirubi, Pravin, Samantha Gayfer

Warwick Merry, Wayne Chan, Susanna Hasenoerhl, Eugene Seah, Tom Abbott

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