Welcome to Uncommon Courage, the conversations we need to be having as members of the human collective. We are all being called upon to step up and lead – with kindness, big hearts and unshakable courage – because right now, we have an opportunity to redress what we got wrong in the past, as well as deal with the disruptions we face today, to create a better world for all. However, if we are completely truthful, the biggest challenge we face is believing we can do it – believing in our ability to create massive change. But everyone knows you can’t achieve anything significant without guts, determination, and of course, the courage to keep driving towards the goal, regardless of how hard the journey is! 

When we look around the world, we have the on-going threat of the pandemic, the escalating climate crisis, political divisions intensifying around the world, rising racism, the progress on equality slipping back a generation, and so much more. It is definitely a grave time for the economy, humanity and all life on our planet.

Of course, it would be easier to just bury our heads in the sand, hoping it will go away, but it really is time to face it. Because this isn’t going away – and we know it.

The combined challenges we face require incredible courage. Courage to focus on what we need to change, and the courage to take personal responsibility to drive those changes anyway we can, because if we do not, we risk continuing and overlapping crisis’.

Let’s ask ourselves the questions​

Can we afford to return to the pre-COVID world?

Can we afford to return to what we left behind?

Should we, even if we can?

And if we do, can our planet continue to provide a liveable environment for all life on earth?

And probably the most important question – will our children thank us for what we do next?

We can continue growing, polluting, and damaging our natural environment year on year without preparing for the more serious consequences of climate breakdown, or we respect that COVID19 is the wakeup call we all needed to inspire us to collectively act and change our trajectory.

We have a choice and it’s one that requires uncommon courage

In recent years, politicians started to speak of a desperate future. A divided world, more conflict, less compassion, more walls, despair on the rise and on it goes. It’s the dystopian future none of us want. It’s a future of sorrow and loss.

Yet how can we trust our political leaders or believe they are capable of delivering a better future, when we look at how badly so many of them have conducted themselves during the COVID19 crisis? If leaders can’t handle a pandemic in their own country (something expected and predicted), if they can’t trust their own experts, how can we trust them to meet the global challenges facing every single one of us?

To rebuild trust, radical transparency will be required — a level of transparency we have not had before. This alone will be a huge societal shift

It’s time to rebuild anew with great courage, and it’s an opportunity to re-envisage a new world

A new economy.

A world that has secured the required food staples for human survival, with clean water and unpolluted air a priority.

A world prepared and ready for climate refugees.

And most importantly, we have an opportunity to put human dignity at the center of this goal. Something so overdue.

Are we ready to redraw the map, fix the problems we’ve created, and then build the best possible future for all life on planet earth?

If your answer is Yes! then please join us here at  Uncommon Courage- global conversations determined to contribute to creating a better future for all life on earth.

Ideas, solutions, arguments and laughs - it’ll all be part of the journey.

It is time for that which is uncommon to become common. I’m talking about courage. Will you be courageous with me and help lead this world towards a beautiful future for everyone?

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