Kids don’t grow up fast, they grow up suddenly

Andrea T Edwards

If there’s a statement every parent on the planet has heard, it’s probably: kids grow up so fast, enjoy the moments, ‘cos it’s over before you know it. The problem is, it’s never felt fast for me. In fact, it’s been excruciatingly slow most of the time. Ready for his first school camp That, of […]

Should I dare say it out loud? I think the boys are content in Phuket

Uncommon Courage

If I am honest, in hindsight, I would say the first three months in Phuket were completely shit. We turned up exhausted (like we’ve never known), and apart from Freddy (the dog) being ecstatic, it was a pretty sombre affair. Lunch with Mum on Naithon Beach   Even Riddick, the cat, seemed uncomfortable and unhappy […]

Looking back, looking forward, embracing hope

Andrea T Edwards

Despair…. If I think to where my mind was this time last year, it was in despair. Despair at the possibility of a Donald Trump Whitehouse. Despair at the direction our world was heading in. Despair at division, hatred, and the impossible chasm that seemed to open between opposing ideas. How could we be in […]

Kiss me mum, kiss me mum

Uncommon Courage

It’s Christmas time and a delightful evolution has happened in my mothering journey. Jax has decided that every night, I must kiss him before he’ll go to sleep.     But not just any kiss.   The challenge I face is: he covers his face with his hands, and I have to remove his hands […]

I have to say it’s a Christmas Miracle in our house right now

Decorating the Christmas tree with my lads, traditionally, has been nothing short of annoying. I’m gunna be honest here – they’ve always been completely useless in helping me get to the final conclusion one is aiming for – a reasonable looking tree.   Historically, well since kids came into my life, the majority of their […]

Who gets lost, twice, hunting for curtains in Phuket?

Andrea T Edwards

Yep me, doh! You see I’m really good with directions (like navigation is a gift-good), so getting lost is not something I embrace. I like to know where I’m going, with no messing around along the way, ‘cos that makes me a grumpy bitch…. Ask Steve.   I’m also a person who does not enjoy […]

A year of honouring amazing friendships around the world

Uncommon Courage

I’ve been on the road, travelling and living around the world, since 1995. I’ve lived and worked in Melbourne, London, Boston, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Phuket, Noosa, Singapore and now, Phuket again. Before I left Australia in 1995, I had already built an amazing community of friends, who I adore to this day. And since […]

A month in Phuket, Thailand, in photos

Andrea Edwards

It’s been a month since we moved to Phuket and I decided I would post a photo or video a day – to capture what I’m seeing. I plan to keep going, because it keeps me paying attention and living in the moment, but equally, I am blown away daily by differences.   The pics/videos […]

We are off to a great start in Phuket

Andrea T Edwards

Well it seems we’re off to a great start in our new home, if you ignore the fact I spent the first week close to tears (well in tears if I’m honest) every single day! First day of school for Lex and Jax It was a combination of complete exhaustion, being surrounded by blackened homes […]