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Kids don’t grow up fast, they grow up suddenly

If there’s a statement every parent on the planet has heard, it’s probably: kids grow up so fast, enjoy the moments, ‘cos it’s over before you know it.
The problem is, it’s never felt fast for me. In fact, it’s been excruciatingly slow most of the time.
Ready for his first school camp
That, of course, comes down to the challenges we’ve faced with Lexy and getting him on the right track at school and in life.
Phuket was a massive move for all of us, but none more than Lex. I’ve talked about some of the challenges before, as well as the fact we’re now entering a smooth period, where both boys seem delighted in their new home.
I can definitively say, it is the greatest relief of my life knowing this was the right move, not just for Lex, but for all of us.
Anyhoo, I just came back from three weeks of business travel, with a short four day visit home in between. It was intense being away that much, but the boys need their dad now, and man, they could not have a better dad. Steve is awesome with the boys. A true role model of what it is to be a man today.
But this weekend I noticed a BIG shift in Lex. And I mean, massive!
Steve said it was because he had an awesome time at a birthday party with six boys on Saturday. I’m like OK, well that’s great… not really convinced. Don’t get me wrong, friendships have definitely been an area that is lacking for Lex over the years. Especially our last year in Singapore, when we took him out of school completely.
Then at dinner on Saturday (I got home lunchtime Saturday) Lex is sitting at the table, arguing his points, being super funny, and taking control of the situation. It was absolutely mind-boggling seeing Lex this way, because he has always been easily led and dominated, especially when it comes to conversations.
I’m like Steve, what the hell has happened to Lex? Where is he?? Who is this person sitting next to me? Someone so in control of themselves and assured in their ideas!
It was a wonderful moment, truly wonderful and my heart is bursting with pride for this beautiful boy who has struggled so much for so long.
Instructions for Tribe Two
And then I’m thinking, this isn’t the impact of a few hours at a birthday party. There has to be so much more to this!
And of course there is.
At school, he has three amazing teachers and they are consistent with Lex – which he needs. Besides the fact Arrowsmith is exactly what Lex needed, his teachers are having a massive positive impact on his confidence, but more importantly, helping him understand how to build positive social relationships. Just this has been awesome, because he was very immature for his age when we came to Phuket. He never got the years of social interactions most kids have by 11.
More important than anything though, is the relationship Lex has with his dad. It’s so important for young men, at this age, to have a strong bond with their dad or a great male role model. It sets them up for life. And as a bonus, Lex got one-on-one time with Steve all week, because Jax went off to school camp in Krabi. Lucky Jax!
That time with Steve, which he made super special for Lex, was absolutely brilliant and both of them keep talking about how awesome it was! In fact, last night, Lex asked me to go away this week so Jax could have the same quality time with his dad!
I kind of feel like I’m letting Jax down for just being here – sorry mate! Obviously, I’ll have to stand back and let the boys have some special time together….
And the reason Lex wants me away is it’s his turn for camp today. In fact, we just dropped him off for his first ever school camp. And get this. For the next five days, Lex and his classmates will be canoeing around Phuket Island. How cool is that?
His new teacher, Kru Joel. A legend
Lex was suitably nervous about camp, of course, and a lot of effort went into the preparations. Steve did an outstanding job getting it all sorted. Even a couple of historical items were packed from Steve’s younger days as a canoeist in England. Cute. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for bringing those treasures with you.
We waved Lex off this morning, both feeling a bit emotional, but he hardly looked back. It’s hard for us to be totally cool with this, because we kept him protected from the real world for as long as we could. We protected him because we know kids can be unkind at this age, so if they laugh at him or pick on him, it could have a massive impact and set him back. He’s a sensitive soul our Lexy!
The good news is, we’ve managed to find an environment where that isn’t the ethos of the school at all and we are expecting an even more ballsy Lex to get off the bus on Friday. Lord help us!
I’ve only had the first glimpse of a ballsy Lex and this is one powerful dude we’re unleashing on the world. But I gotta say, I love it. Go Lex. You’re a bloody legend mate.
Bloody kids I tell you. They don’t grow up fast, they grow up very very suddenly, and I am loving it. Yes, mummy is definitely very happy about this latest evolution.
Can anyone else relate?
Yours, without the bollocks

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