Thank You Team Excelerate

Andrea Edwards

In the midst of emotions while writing “Lex at a New School, Mum and Dad Cry,” as soon as I posted the blog, I immediately recognized I missed an opportunity to say thank you. That thanks is to an incredible group of people – the team at Excelerate, where Lex has been schooling for the last […]

Lex at a New School, Mum and Dad Cry

Andrea T Edwards

Lex started at his new school this week and by all accounts, it’s been a smooth start. Called the International Integrated School, it is both a mainstream school with an excellent support programme. IIS wasn’t our first choice. We desperately wanted Lex to go to the same school as his brother, but until his speech […]

Are we There Yet?

ANdrea Edwards

When flying into Bali last week, I had the pleasure of sitting with both boys, constantly asking “are we there yet?” Now it’s only a couple of hours by plane from Singapore to Bali, so it’s not a long way to go, but obviously, it got me thinking about my own childhood. As you might […]

Seed Removal

Uncommon Courage

We had a big week in our house… well our wee pussy cats did. Luther and Riddick were both neutered. Poor little poppets, although 24 hours after the operation they were slipping and sliding around the apartment as always. Luther’s furry feet!  Well Luther is more the slippery slider because he has fur growing through […]