Who’s Got a Tampon? I Just Got My Period

Andrea T Edwards

I’m reading Amanda Palmer’s book “The Art of Asking” (love her, loving the book, will write more when I finish it) and this is how the book starts. “Who’s got a tampon? I just got my period, I will loudly announce to nobody in particular in a women’s bathroom in a San Francisco restaurant, or […]

Your Children are a Credit to You

Andrea Edwards

For the first time EVER, our friend Felicia (who met our treasures for the first time on the weekend) said: “your children are a credit to you.” Yep, someone has said that. Out loud. And there were witnesses and everything. Our reaction? Shock first. Then we looked at each other, wide-eyed and burst out laughing. […]

Did You Know You Could Inherit Another’s Nightmare?

Andrea T Edwards

About a month ago, Steve had a nightmare that Jax fell off something very high and then he woke up. After sharing that little horror with me, I started having similar dreams. Heights and I aren’t friends. At the age of 25, crossing a log in Nepal over a creek (it wasn’t even high), I […]

You so Handsome. You so Lucky

Uncommon Courage

Alas, another great adventure comes to a conclusion and the crazy life we’re living in Singapore returns to normal, quickly, oh so quickly. But that’s what it’s all about. We work our arses off to get out there and see this magnificent world every chance we get. It’s the only motivation I’ve ever had for […]