Two More Parenting can Suck Experiences

I just had a couple of charming moments only a parent could know, and thought I’d quickly jot them down and share. Two additions to the things I hate most about parenting are: 1.       Sitting in your child’s pooh dust. Now Lex is quite advanced in this area and recently stopped requiring assistance, but naturally, […]

Some Soul Nourishment

Meeting Nathalix off the train A little while ago I read an article suggesting that women who don’t spend enough time with great female friends, don’t live as long as those who do. Apparently men don’t “need” friendship nourishment, but women do. So it got me thinking, as the past few years have left me […]

The Good and the Bad of Plane Travel

I’ve arrived in Amsterdam and after seven years, it’s been wonderful catching up on life with Saskia and Eylard. No idea where seven years went? But to get here, I had to endure 13 hours in economy class at the back of a plane. One of the challenges about flying to Europe from Singapore is […]

Throwing in the Towel on Spunks

Well after much torment – because when I make a commitment to do something, I do it – I have decided not to pursue my teams of International Spunks and International Ugly Bastards (or Those with Nice Personalities,) in the way I originally set out. Taking my lead from you, my precious readers, it just […]

The Lex Saga Continues

In July 2010 we got some news that shook our world. For the first six months of that year, Lex was being physically and verbally abused by his teacher at his pre-school in Australia. As far as we know, the abuse included hitting, kicking, throwing shoes at him, putting tape over his mouth, making him […]

Lex’s Speech Delay – The Frustration

It was just over 12 months ago when Lex had the operation to have his tonsils and adenoids removed, plus grommets inserted.  Since that day, we have noticed significant changes in him – both a willingness to do as he’s told more often AND his behaviour has constantly improved – generally he’s just gotten calmer. […]