Two More Parenting can Suck Experiences

I just had a couple of charming moments only a parent could know, and thought I’d quickly jot them down and share.

Two additions to the things I hate most about parenting are:

1.       Sitting in your child’s pooh dust. Now Lex is quite advanced in this area and recently stopped requiring assistance, but naturally, as has always been the case with my children at 15 months apart, Jax started up the “assistance needing” when Lex stopped. I sat through a good 30 minute pooh dust session tonight, gagging all the way

2.      When children have colds, snot becomes the order of the day. We all have things that make us squirm and snot is mine. I have become quite immune to it since becoming a mother, however what bliss tonight when Jax decided to wipe his nose on my leg…. Ugh!

But there was a golden moment, my two-mini lads counting to 10 in Mandarin – bless ‘em!

Yours, without the bollocks


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