8 Character Synopsis from our Social World

I LOVE social media. I’m on board. It’s a way of communicating, in multiple ways, to multiple audiences in a style I love – the written word. I’m not going to spend hours on the phone. If I write a letter or a postcard – terrific, but I’ll never send it and besides, I’ve got […]

Bromance & Manbags

I heard a new term recently – Bromance – and if I was to define it I’d say it’s the act of two men adoring each other and communicating like a couple of teenage girls (giggles included), all-the-while being comfortable in their manliness and heterosexuality. I like it. It’s a nice term, because there’s nothing […]

Definitely Hit the “I Hate You Mum” Stage

All parents know that raising children means experiencing a series of stages – stages that consistently barrel into your life one after the other – and along that journey are stages all parents fervently hope pass them by. It’s often wishful thinking, but sometimes we do get lucky – for example I didn’t suffer too […]

Pseudoephedrine is my Nemesis

When you have a significant sinus infection, the thing you reach for is Sudafed or Zyrtec D – job done! Well I can’t do that, at night anyway. If I take it in the day time it leaves me all discombobulated, but I can cope with that. However, at night it turns me into a […]

A Reminder to Stroll

I was sitting in Soho with my fabulous cousin-in-law Caroline (aka Winks pictured) last Saturday, and off in the distance this man came into view. He was incredibly tall, had bright blue trousers and a very long umbrella. Thinking back on this moment, the only accessory missing was a bowler hat – it would have […]