Please Don’t Take Away our Books

The bookshops are closing down, the Mom & Pop bookshops can’t compete with the online retailers, Borders closed in Singapore and elsewhere, and everyone is talking eBooks – Kindle, Nook, iPad…. Things are changing slowly, quickly, imperceptibly and my panic is starting to rise. Please don’t take our bookshops away from us? I love technology. […]

#2 Don’t Fight the Fashion Wars

I just thought he was hot! In December I shared my first lesson of parenting – and there are many many lessons to share – but one I’ve dealt with quite extensively in recent years is “Don’t Fight the Fashion Wars.” This lesson came to light recently when a Dad I know and love was […]

The Inside Scoop on Chinese New Year (CNY)

I’ve enjoyed eight wonderful Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore – a country where approximately 74 per cent of thepopulation is Chinese. It’s the only time in Singapore when everything goes quiet – I mean the shops actually close for a few days, and that is a big deal in a The Lion City where […]


Friday night I finally saw “Wicked the Musical” – it’s the first time it’s been on where I’ve lived – yip yah!! What can I say? It was brilliant! All except for the fact we were 45 minutes late due to horrendous Friday night traffic – ahhhhhh. Next time we’ll definitely order a cab, although […]

Mum and Dad How Could You?

This morning I lost a huge chunk of tooth from one of my back molars. It’s definitely due root canal treatment and fast…. which of course means big $$$$$. Up until this point in my life, I reckon I’ve easily spent $100,000 at the dentist. I have three titanium screws, and just about every tooth […]

I Love Trumpy

I know some of my hippy, anti-establishment, anti-capitalist mates might not agree with me here, but Donald Trump – what a guy. You seriously couldn’t make him up if you tried. I reckon he’d be a pretty interesting person to have dinner with – just think of the one-liners you’d walk away with? Not to […]

Kardashians to be “Barbiefied”

Some Facebook friends made me aware of some exciting news last week – Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are going to be made into limited edition Barbie pals – I mean, what next? BUT then I read the comments, and for me, the story starting getting strange. People are up in arms because apparently Barbie […]

What’s this Decade About then?

I turned 42 on the 1st of January – thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes – but I have to say – it seems really old. While my mind still feels like I’m a ridiculous 18 year old (minus the teenage angst,) my body definitely feels 42. I remember when my parents entered their […]