What Happened? What Did You Get Done?

Andrea T Edwards

I was driving along with Steve the other day and said there are people I just don’t know well enough asking me what operation I had. I mean if it was something to do with my girly bits, what do I say? Or perhaps I had a colonoscopy – do I tell them ‘I had […]

Emotional Outbursts and Agony Post Op, All Just Weird

Andrea T Edwards

Friday night (early Saturday morning) excruciating agony kicks in. The same thing happened five days before, and six months before that, but nowhere near as bad. It was time to take it seriously, and based on the genetic history of my family, stones were a likely candidate. I was right, it was stones. Shit that […]

Our Combined Apathy is the World’s Greatest Enemy


In 2013, when the haze went well over 700 PSI in Singapore, the region was in uproar and we moaned a lot. It was awful. We had a right to moan. But I educated myself too. I looked into what caused the haze and made some significant changes in our home, understanding that I was […]