Do We Have a Winner?

Andreas T Edwards

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day at our place. Steve and I moved the boys into separate bedrooms and the physical-ness of moving heavy pieces of furniture left my back close to spasm. It’s not a lot of fun when it spasms. However, Steve was even more miserable because he was NOT into the idea […]

Boys and Orifices

Andrea Edwards

So it was Jax’s turn to have something removed from his ear this week, after deciding it would be a terrific idea to insert Blu Tack (which, incidentally, he picked off the sole of his shoe) inside this orifice. Why it was a good idea in his mind is completely beyond me, but apparently, not an […]

Scrubbed and Slathered in Yogurt

Andrea Edwards

One always admires the flower arrangements in Asia I’m in Ubud, Bali for a few days. I’m here for TEDx Ubud, which is on tomorrow and my great mate Duncan McKee is one of the speakers. It’s my first live TED talk, so definitely super excited, but even more excited because I’m here to support […]