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Scrubbed and Slathered in Yogurt

One always admires the flower arrangements in Asia

I’m in Ubud, Bali for a few days. I’m here for TEDx Ubud, which is on tomorrow and my great mate Duncan McKee is one of the speakers. It’s my first live TED talk, so definitely super excited, but even more excited because I’m here to support Duncs. I’m also appreciating this time because, I get to have a little bit of silence – away from the constant noise of my days. I need silence. I don’t get a lot of it to be honest, and what this means is I struggle for clarity if I’m always surrounded by “noise.” I guess I’m lucky I’m not afraid of my own head.

Anyhoo, I’ve just returned from a three hour spa session. Steve booked it, because he really wants me to have an amazing and relaxing time while I’m here. He’s a sweetheart my husband, but he also knows that I wouldn’t have booked it myself. No matter how much I needed it.

My little spa hut

Spa-ing has never been my thing. In fact, to be honest, for most of my life, I have absolutely detested going to spas. While everyone else comes out chilled and happy, it’s always made me feel anxious and uptight. I can’t explain it, it doesn’t make any sense, but it has always been that way. So I’ve tended to step away from the spa experiences.

It’s started to change in the last couple of years though, mainly because I’ve had times when I’ve desperately needed a massage. My muscles can get so tight they go into spasm, and when this happens it’s excruciatingly painful and capable of knocking me out for a couple of days. I had one of those spasms in the middle of my back just a couple of weeks ago – it’s not pleasant.

Today’s spa was rather interesting. This little control freak had no idea what Steve had booked. Well it turns out he booked the works. It started with a massage – boy a massage brings out the weariness in your lower back doesn’t it? – and before I knew it, I was covered in a fruit scrub, and then lathered in yogurt. Thank god they didn’t do the seaweed wrap – I don’t like that – too sweaty in the tropics! Next up was a facial, flower bath and finally a mani pedi.

A bath of flowers

The question is – did I enjoy it? Well yes, I think so. I know I didn’t completely relax, and that’s mainly because the door was always open – with people having a look-see right outside the door. But equally, at one point, a man came in to do my pedi. I’ve never had a man do that before, have you?

But my skin is now soft and supple, the weariness gone from my muscles, my nails are red – naturally – and tomorrow I’m ready to be wowed by the creative and inspiring speakers scheduled for TEDx Ubud. Will let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, thank you Steve for being such a sweet husband. I’m a lucky girl.

Yours, without the bollocks

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