Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth I wrote about Lex’s big transformation earlier this week, so to balance things out, I thought Jax deserved a mention today, which will hopefully result in a few chuckles. Jax, at five, is an interesting little dude. He has incredible self-confidence, but is already struggling with the politics of […]

Lex Slept Until 10am

I couldn’t believe it this morning – Lex (6) slept until 10am – Lex has never slept until 10am, I mean, he just doesn’t do it! Lex is up and at it so early EVERY SINGLE DAY and has been since the day he was born, so much so Steve and I are worn out […]

Tuning Out and Reflecting

I am on day three of a six day break in Phuket – the first proper break our family has had for five years, and the reason it’s a proper break is easy – we’re not worrying about anything right now, it’s all kind of going in the right direction. Awesome. So now we have […]