Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth
I wrote about Lex’s big transformation earlier this week, so to balance things out, I thought Jax deserved a mention today, which will hopefully result in a few chuckles. Jax, at five, is an interesting little dude. He has incredible self-confidence, but is already struggling with the politics of women (yes it’s begun already, sigh) and it’s painful for this Mumma to observe sometimes – bless him. Jax is also very eloquent with his speech and he does NOT miss a verbal trick. From 15 months of age, we’ve had to be very aware of what we say in front of him. Let’s just say we haven’t always been successful…
Anyways, in Phuket, I overheard a very interesting conversation between Jax and his Dad. It went something along the lines of this…
“Dad, Dad, I’ve got to tell you something.”
“Sure mate, what’s up?”
“Well, Lex said thebloodyfuckenword.”
“He said what?”
“Thebloodyfuckenword. He’s not allowed to say thebloodyfuckenword, only Mummies and Daddies are allowed to say thebloodyfuckenword, but he did say it Dad, he said thebloodyfuckenword.”
“I didn’t say thebloodyfuckenword Dad, because I know it’s a Mummy and Daddy word, but Lex Did say thebloodyfuckenword and I think he needs tabasco on his tongue Dad, because he said thebloodyfuckenword.”
A recent charming family shot…
“Lex is VERY naughty Dad, because he knows he shouldn’t use thebloodyfuckenword but he did say thebloodyfuckenword Dad. I wouldn’t use the bloodyfuckenword Dad, because I’m a good boy.”

Dad, at this point, clears his throat and says: “ROIGHT, Lex don’t say thebloodyfuckenword, ok, OK? It’s a Mummy and Daddy word, and if you say it again I’ll, well I’ll, well you know….”
Naturally Steve was stuck for words, because it’s the hardest thing in the world to discipline a child for saying something super funny, whilst doing everything in your power not to laugh and trying not to make a big deal out of the fact your other little treasure is also using the “word” several times in an appropriate context. Jax, in the meantime, knows he shouldn’t say thebloodyfuckenword, but he’s relishing in the opportunity to say a naughty word – many MANY times – as well as a chance to dob on his brother!!! How do you deal with that in an appropriate way?
We have no idea how to deal with it, other than not letting them see us laugh. That’s key or it’d be MUCH worse. Then again, everyone who knows us well, will probably say it’s hardly surprising…
Bless my mini dudes.
Yours, without the bollocks


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