Jax, Piss Off and Sleep!

When Jax was born nearly five years ago, he was a bloody legend when it came to sleep. He loved nothing more than cuddling up to his ‘Fuffa Bear’ while sucking on his thumb, and many a morning we had to wake him up to face the day. It was magic having at least one […]

A Random Act of Kindness

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the post box and there was a parcel for ME. Now any parent knows that once the kids come along, there is never EVER anything in the post box for you, with our boys enjoying a steady supply of DVDs from their English Grandparents. But it was […]

Six Second Hug Rule

I read somewhere recently that if you hug someone for six seconds or more, all of the feel-good stuff that comes with a hug is transferred between the hugger and huggee, leaving you both feeling better. As such, I’ve decided to hug more often and for longer. For some reason, I find I forget the […]


Seth Godin recently published this blog. Sometimes he hits a real chord with me, and this is obviously one of those times. “Most advice is bad advice… People mean well, especially friends and family, but they’re going to give you bad advice. Seth’s Head from sethgodin.typepad.com This leads to two challenges as you strive to […]

Judging the Judges++

I’m in absolute heaven at the moment- we’ve got The Voice AND X Factor on at the same time – both the American versions of course, because that’s how it rolls in Singapore. I find it pure bliss watching these shows and thankfully, my husband is in agreement. Now singing talent shows would be nothing […]

The Storm Before the Calm

I love Neale Donald Walsch. The ‘Conversations with God’ books was an eye-opener of possibilities for me – ones I hadn’t considered before – and I really enjoy the way he writes. Sometimes authors just resonate with you and he’s a resonator for me. Anyway, he’s got a new book out, but I’ve just re-read […]