Six Second Hug Rule

I read somewhere recently that if you hug someone for six seconds or more, all of the feel-good stuff that comes with a hug is transferred between the hugger and huggee, leaving you both feeling better. As such, I’ve decided to hug more often and for longer. For some reason, I find I forget the small, important stuff, but we all know it’s the small stuff that makes such a big bloody difference. So I told Steve about this hugging idea and he’s taken it on board as well (although it’s not an arse groping opportunity love), as such, we’re giving each other lots more hugs throughout the day – for absolutely no reason what so ever – and you know what, it makes me feel more loving towards him. Cool huh?

The most famous hug of 2012 – a Twitter pics hall of fame!

I am a fan of hugging and especially in Singapore, my super-hugs have always gone down a treat with my Asian friends. It can be months or years between seeing old pals, and the first thing they say when they see me is “can you give me one of your great hugs?” Nice. Culturally, Asians aren’t so hot on the hugging-front, except when they get to know me.

But it was my great mate Irene who really taught me how to hug. Irene is a Master Hugger who believes you should never be the first person to let go in a hug. As such, a hug with Irene is long and lovely, ‘cos who wants to be the first person to let go? I need to remember my Masters’ lessons. I hate being too occupied with insignificant bollocks (in the bigger scheme of things) to remember this simple pleasure, because well, that’s just wrong.

So I wanted to share this, ‘cos a small bit of focus in the last couple of weeks has made life a little bit nicer for my whole family, and I thought someone else might appreciate the reminder that hugs are good, but do it for at least six seconds… and no back patting!!!

Happy Holidays!

Yours, without the bollocks


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