Losing Lex was a Blessing in Hindsight

A few weeks ago I wrote a blogtalking about the sheer terror I felt after losing Lex in one of Singapore’s biggest shopping centres. It didn’t just impact me, it impacted Jax and, of course, Lex. However it turns out, this might be one of the best things to happen to all of us… Everything […]

Five Book Fantasy Round-Up

To all my fellow fantasy-heads, I’ve had a bit of a gorge on some awesome fantasy of late, and wanted to share the love – because there are some amazing yarns to read. If you haven’t read any fantasy yet, can I just say give it a go – it will blow your mind! Prince […]

I Don’t Like My Boys Much Right Now

Imagine my horror the very first time I felt feelings of dislike towards my children? To say I felt like the worst Mum in the world is an understatement, but then I got over it, and have accepted that this is life with two rambunctious little lads. They push me HARD every day, and I […]

When’s a Good Time to Drink Champagne?

Cristal Image from www.luxist.com Whenever you’ve got a bottle chilled I reckon- so pretty much ANYTIME! Yes? No? Although, right now, after two late nights of heavy drinking with our great friends JB and Bronnie, the thought of champagne at this moment makes my stomach curdle… However, as a definite ‘Yes’ person in this discussion […]

Silence and Waiting are my Enemies

I’ve never been a patient “waiter” – it’s not something I’ve ever enjoyed, so I don’t like being late for things, and I certainly don’t like hanging around waiting for people – except if I’ve got a really cracking book to read, then take your time. With that said, since the boys came along, I […]