When’s a Good Time to Drink Champagne?

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Whenever you’ve got a bottle chilled I reckon- so pretty much ANYTIME! Yes? No? Although, right now, after two late nights of heavy drinking with our great friends JB and Bronnie, the thought of champagne at this moment makes my stomach curdle…

However, as a definite ‘Yes’ person in this discussion in normal circumstances, imagine my surprise when my husband suggested we hold back on drinking a bottle of bubbles we’d picked up when we arrived back in Singapore (approximately six months before at the time) because it was allotted for a celebratory moment for something that hadn’t even happened yet! The first time we had one of these disagreements  – where we drank the champagne anyway, because I’m a stubborn bitch – I had to put up with a grumpy pain-in-the-arse-husband, while all along holding firmly to my own ‘fuck-you’ feelings brewing within – hey that’s marriage. It’s not a common occurrence in ours, but it does happen.

The next time this little beauty came to a head, I said hang on a minute! We have great friends visiting – isn’t THAT worth drinking a few bubbles over? I mean that bottle has been in the fridge for weeks, probably months, and you want to wait until we’ve got some good news to celebrate first? Um isn’t just being with friends worth celebrating? In fact, even if there were no friends, how about we just be crazy sometimes and pop a cork? That’s called life right?

Thankfully he looked at me and said you’re quite right, and we opened our bottled and enjoyed it together this time. No more grumpy-arse-bastard in the background, giving off his icky vibes that reassure me there will be an unpleasant conversation that night or maybe the next day…
My husband is not a grumpy man, but he places strong values and importance on certain stuff. So do I, just in a different way. But when it comes to bubbles I say if you feel like drinking it, then go on ahead, because there’s nothing quite like a bottle of champagne. Hanging back to celebrate something that hasn’t happened, and may never happen, well that’s hardly living in the moment is it? And while I unfortunately spend a lot of time living in the future – an unhealthy place at the best of times – I will take any opportunity I can to be pulled into the present, where I can laugh, live and for just that moment, not worry about anything else – because worry is the biggest waste of time I know, and I’ve been doing far too much of that these last few years.

Champagne, I believe, is a terrific accoutrement in assisting the process called living in the now. Do you agree?

Yours, without the bollocks

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