A Global Bitch-Fest

I watched Wrecking Ball. I watched it after having an intelligent discussion with some smart friends who think about this sort of news objectively. There’s lots of discussion and bollocks going on around Miley at the moment – some intelligent and some extremely harsh. But when stuff like this hits the headlines and sends everyone […]

I Don’t Want

A large part of my FIE campaign for this year is to understand the thoughts rattling around in my head and separating out the ones that lessen the quality of my life. In recent weeks, I’ve identified one of the most common thoughts entertained is “I Don’t Want.” I don’t want to be so busy […]

The Madness, the Madness

Steve was happy the coffee machine made it I’m desperately missing blogging. It’s been more than two weeks without one and I’m starting to suffer serious withdrawals. The challenge? I have not only completed four of the most grueling work weeks I’ve ever known, I also moved into a new home smack bang in the […]