I Don’t Want

A large part of my FIE campaign for this year is to understand the thoughts rattling around in my head and separating out the ones that lessen the quality of my life. In recent weeks, I’ve identified one of the most common thoughts entertained is “I Don’t Want.” I don’t want to be so busy I don’t have time for friends and family. I don’t want to be tired all the time. I don’t want to be spending 12 hours a day in the office, wearing myself out. I don’t want my kids doing my head in all the time. Those kind of ‘I don’t wants.’
The thing is, if you believe your thoughts determine your life (aka Law of Attraction, manifestation, power of the universe, etc, etc, etc) then the ‘I don’t want’ thoughts ARE going to be your reality. Bear with me here ‘cos this is a clarification that Steve asks for all the time and I think I’ve got it.
  • I don’t want – recognizes that it already exists in your life and will, therefore, continue to exist if you continue to give it thought-space
  • I want – recognizes that it doesn’t exist in your life and by phrasing it as a lack, you’ll continue wanting it because that is what you are asking for
  • I am / I have – well that means you’ve already got it and will keep getting it, so if you say I have the best life, you will have the best life, or “I am ridiculously happy” results in being ridiculously happy, etc.. People who know far more about this stuff than me suggest that if you want something, start talking about it like you’ve already got it and then it will be so

It took me a while to really absorb this idea and I am not 100 per cent convinced “it works,” but I am 100 per cent convinced it makes my life better. Positive, life affirming and grateful thoughts just make me a whole lot happier inside, whereas the other negative thoughts – the lacking, unhappy-type of thoughts – well they just don’t. So my commitment to entertaining the best possible thoughts is a recognition that life is better when I do. If this means I’ll attract what I want into my life – even better.
If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I don’t find this life malarkey easy – in fact, I find it really really bloody confusing – but I do find life amazing. I find people amazing. I find this world amazing. More than anything, I am so grateful that I’ve had such a rich and amazing life and it continues every day. Life IS good, I just seem to forget to harness that sometimes.
So ‘I don’t want’ has got to go, but it’s not any easy phrase to let go of – trust me, I’ve been trying for a few weeks now – then again, it’s just a habit and I can break any habit I set my mind to.
That’s my focus for the week. What’s yours?
Yours, without the bollocks


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