Why Thank You!

I checked my blog stats for the first time today and it seems I’ve had nearly 4,000 hits since “Without the Bollocks” went public around October last year! Therefore I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for reading the ramblings of my mind. I’d be thrilled if I had that many […]

Thou Shalt Not Judge

I grew up in a Catholic family. I went to Catholic Schools. Every Sunday our entire family of six would be marched off to Church, always sitting in the front row on the right hand side of a three pronged lay-out – aka the cross. But the Lord strike down ANYONE who sat in our […]

I’ll leave the House Maintenance to Steve

I’ve talked about the communication challenges I face in Singapore in a recent blog, and recently we had a great example. We are living in a serviced apartment for a few months while we sort ourselves out. In the deal we get everything thrown in, including the apartment cleaned twice a week. The problem is […]

Not gaga over Gaga yet

I can’t imagine too many people on the planet who aren’t aware of the extraordinary Lady Gaga. I remember when I thought it was high time to check out this chick, as she’d obviously captured the imagination of the world. I mean, considering her inappropriate burping gets major media coverage (click title for that story) […]

Why American Idol Appeals to me

So American Idol got off to a great start last night, with Steve Tyler and JLo new to the judging team. I have always been a secret admirer of JLo and Steve Tyler is a rocker from way back who definitely adds a great dimension to the panel. Randy – well who couldn’t like him? […]

White Armpits… please?

Advertising outside of your home country is always intriguing, but Asia pretty much takes the cake on entertainment value for me. Forget the adverts filmed in a different language and then translated into English, resulting in the words stopping but the mouth still flapping… that’s always a giggle. It is what is being advertised and […]

Why Facebook is Great for me!

I’m obviously not writing this as a promo for Facebook (because they don’t need it) but as a promo for my needs in keeping the communication channels flowing. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are waxing and waning on Facebook now – the thrill is over huh? – and I just want to say […]

The Singapore Wave

I speak quickly. But worse than that, I’m also a bit of a mumbler – AND I’m not talking underpants mumbling for those with filthy minds. Anyone who has received a voicemail from me could probably testify to this… With that said, I think I’ve gotten better over the years, but the reality is, not […]

2011 here we come!

I’d have to say that 2009 and 2010 has been a pretty interesting time in our life. There’s been some fantastic moments, but there has also been a lot of “bad” things. The great thing about “bad” things is they teach you great things, and that means life gets better – unless you’re silly and miss […]