Not gaga over Gaga yet

I can’t imagine too many people on the planet who aren’t aware of the extraordinary Lady Gaga. I remember when I thought it was high time to check out this chick, as she’d obviously captured the imagination of the world. I mean, considering her inappropriate burping gets major media coverage (click title for that story) she definitely has to be of megastar status right? So two years ago, Lady Gaga entered firmly into my world and the phenomenon that is Gaga is now all around.

Gaga, what do I think? On the positive side, I think she is an amazing performer, costume designer, fashionista, singer and entertainer. I love the fact that she’s out there, pushing boundaries and on some levels, I do think she is empowering for women. I love her support of the gay community, and it’s not just because she’s bisexual, it’s because they love her and she’s returning the love. Her costumes are fantastical – minimal or over the top – it’s great artistry. “Telephone” was great and while a bit saucy, it had that ‘Thelma and Louise’ edge all women love. I suppose if truth be told, I just really dig her music.

However, it’s not enough for me to like the music of a person – I also need to like the impact they have on the world, or better yet, when they have no impact at all. I have to admit that I prefer performers who aren’t into the big “life” show, but then it’d be boring if they were all like that.

Gaga certainly ain’t “disappearing” when the gigs are over and that is where she has me a bit stumped. When I ask myself the question – do I like her? Is she someone I admire? Do I think she’s a positive role model for women (especially young women) in a world that is very short on positive female role models?
Well you see this is where she hasn’t won me over – YET.

I appreciate that EVERYTHING she does is staged – hey she’s got a very big persona to keep alive, so it’s got to be done. However Gaga sitting at the Yankees game with a bra and not much else – why? The image of her covered in blood on stage? Not so keen on that. The whole “I couldn’t give a fuck” attitude – well yes, I can appreciate it to an extent, but my concern is the impact on women, who don’t necessarily have the awareness to know how to carry this attitude off in a positive way.

Gaga’s persona is aloof, out there, extreme, unreliable – you never know what you’re going to get and I think this is great. What a true entertainer should be. But is she nice and good too? I just don’t know. But even if she’s not, are her antics convincing others that it’s OK to behave like that? Gaga can, most of us can’t and except to live happily in this world.

Gaga gets away with everything, but it’s the young girls walking around feeling empowered because of her that makes me concerned. And I don’t think Gaga is solely responsible for this by the way – it’s been going on for some time now – but I don’t think she’s helping the case.

The world – well the Western world – is full of young teenage girls (many too chubby to get away with it) walking around with their tits out and arse cracks hanging over the tops of their jeans, and it’s not always a pretty sight! It’s also not done in an appropriate setting – like at the office. They’re also all mouth, and “fuck you,” and shagging anything with a pulse because THEY CAN! And while, to an extent, I say good on you, on the other hand, it’s not being done in a “positive” way – my concern is that the girls aren’t walking away feeling good about themselves, in fact they’re getting angry, and that makes me sad. Let’s face it; any self destructive behaviour is not good for one’s soul. Hey most of us have been there in some form or another right?

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the myth of Gaga, Wikipedia reports that her influence “on modern culture and society has provoked the University of South Carolina into offering a full-time course entitled “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame” with the objective of unravelling the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga with respect to her music, videos, fashion, and other artistic endeavors.”

Now that could be a pretty interesting course I reckon?

In the meantime Gaga, I know I’m not your target market, but PLEASE remember that you have incredible power to influence young girls and women in a superbly positive way and I would love to see you do it. I am not convinced yet, but as always, I remain open minded. Who knows you could be a sweet little pussycat with a big public image… I know one thing, I’ll never know.

And my dear readers please do tell me what you think – good or bad? Alternatively, feel free to express any thoughts if you think I’m full of shit and should just get on with enjoying the music and forgetting about the rest of this crap…

Yours, without the bollocks

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