It’s been a long week

Well it’s been a week since the operation and it doesn’t seem like Lex is getting too much better. He definitely seems in less pain as the days go on, but he’s not moving his head properly and his breath has started to smell again. We will probably have to take him back to the […]

Bloody kids… pulling at your heart strings

I’ve gotta tell ya, since having kids, I’ve never known emotional intensity like it. Every day they pull at my heart strings as they struggle to master something, hurt themselves or communicate a need, but seeing one of them go through surgery and then witnessing the recovery period is something else. Lex was great in […]

Tropic Thunder – how we laughed

For the first time since Lex’s operation, Steve and I sat down, relaxed and watched a movie. Tropic Thunder was on the box, and my oh my, what a bloody funny show. It’s the second time we’ve watched it and I still can’t quite get my head around the minds’ of the people who created […]

Australian CEO slammed

I am going to express an unpopular opinion by Australian standards, but then I’m hardly a wall flower and have never feared being controversial, so here goes. Please note, this is a little more serious than I normally write, so be warned. BIG news in Australia last week was the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank […]

Nurse Heather the night nurse

I always knew last night was going to be a really shit night. I mean hourly checks on Lex and a fold out bed for mum was never a good start. When I finally got into bed I noticed a bar right across the middle at hip level, so it was off to a shocking […]

It’s done, thank god!

Well there was a day! All the anxieties, the tears, the money spent on gifts and Lex was a bloody legend – cool as a cucumber all day. We had a two hour wait before he went into surgery, but no problem, hunger and all. There was plenty to do, take the climbing opportunities the […]

Bloody kids… Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is Lex’s operation and I’m starting to get really anxious about it now. He’s having his tonsils and adenoids removed and grommets inserted into his ears. I’ve got to tell you the idea of my little lad going under the chop is almost too much to deal with, and last night I was snapping […]


Can anyone tell me why I have only just watched this magnificent movie? I mean it is full of HOT sexy men, all rippling with muscle while only wearing knee high boots, jocks and a cape. It’s about ancient history, mythology, religions and warriors – just a few of my favourite things. It’s full of […]

Bloody kids… the most frustrating thing I have ever known

I think everyone experiences something intense with their children – some experience really horrible scenarios, like childhood cancers, and others less intense, such as learning delays or ‘minorish’ accidents. My intense thing is Lex’s speech delay. He’ll be four in November and that means for the past four years I’ve had to interpret his wants […]

Dear owners of holiday/furnished accommodation

Furnishing a holiday home

As we are now in limbo, renting furnished accommodation once again, I thought it worth passing on these guidelines to people seeking to make money from investments in holiday or furnished rentals.