How do you Stop your Head?

I’ve never been scared of confronting my own head. In fact, I first started doing it unconsciously when I backpacked for months at a time on my own. It’s amazing what can go on “upstairs” when you’ve got no one else to talk to. I found those times very therapeutic, as it gave me the […]

A Solution to the War on Drugs?

National Geographic ran a cracking article a couple of months ago – “Opium Wars” – in relation to what’s going down in Afghanistan. It was a tough article because it seems no one is winning there – well apart from the drug lords and the corrupt officials of course. The local police and officials are […]

Please, Just Leave it the F**k Alone

“Go the Fuck to Sleep” has become a global sensation. It went viral, Samuel L. Jackson did the voiceover (although strangely I can’t access it in Singapore) AND now it’s got a publishing deal + pissed off some family advocacy groups. Well done – I love stories like this. The only problem is, getting my […]

A Three Year Olds Emotional Evolution

Watching your kids grow up is definitely a fascinating experience, but over the last few days, Jax has blown us away. Jax is the grand old age of three years four months, and up until now, this kid has had balls of brass and is always the most confident and charming kid in the room. […]

Are we there yet?

Five months ago we landed back in Singapore on a wing and a prayer, and I’ve got to say, these five months have been extremely challenging. We came back because we needed to be happier with our life, and that comes from a few different elements for both of us. The most significant thing missing […]

Will You Just Bloody Sleep

Four and a half years into this mothering malarkey and I am still beside myself with sleep deprivation. I dream of the day I can arise feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the day and all it offers…. In one area we are lucky – the boys go off to bed beautifully every night. They […]

An “aha” Moment on Love

I had a little discovery this week, one of those “Aha” moments. You may think DUH, everyone knows that, but I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about it, probably because I never had it as an example from my parents. My “aha” was discovering the distinction between love as a […]