Please, Just Leave it the F**k Alone

Go the Fuck to Sleep” has become a global sensation. It went viral, Samuel L. Jackson did the voiceover (although strangely I can’t access it in Singapore) AND now it’s got a publishing deal + pissed off some family advocacy groups. Well done – I love stories like this. The only problem is, getting my kids off to sleep has never been an issue (getting them to sleep long enough is,) but equally frustrating, getting them to stop touching stuff my remains a constant ball ache, so I’ve decided to write my own children’s book for your viewing pleasure. All I need now is an illustrator, then for it to go viral, get Angelina Jolie to do a voiceover and bam, world domination….

Well hardly, but in an effort to entertain my dear followers, here goes:

Please, Just Leave it the Fuck Alone

By Andrea Edwards (with some ideas from Steve Johnson)
Dedicated to my sons, Lex and Jax Johnson. If it wasn’t for you, life would be more peaceful and we’d have a lot more money and sleep BUT it would be dull and empty of all the wondrous moments you give us everyday.

My darling you’re crawling around now

I’m so proud of you moving on your own
No don’t touch the $20,000 Bose stereo love
Please, just leave it the fuck alone

It’s lovely seeing you toddling around dear

I know you like my brand new Vertu diamond encrusted phone
Instead of putting it in the microwave sweetheart
Please, just leave it the fuck alone

You’re 18 months and into everything now

Even munching on the poor doggies’ bone
But that Cartier necklace cost Daddy loads my love
Please, just leave it the fuck alone

You’re two today, happy birthday my beauty

You’ve really worked out how to atone
But it doesn’t stop you munching on the poo brush does it?
Please, just leave it the fuck alone

Mummy’s cosmetics are obviously intriguing for you

Even Mummy’s rare Ivory handled comb
But I draw the line at decorating with my lipsticks darls
Please, just leave it the fuck alone

It’s your 4th birthday today, hooray my treasure

What an explorer you’ve been in the home
You’ve finally found Mummy and Daddy’s “special draw,” great
Please, just leave it the fuck alone

PS: for anyone thinking of robbing me, I do not have a $20,000 Bose stereo, nor do I have a Vertu diamond encrusted phone, a Cartier necklace or an Ivory handled comb – because I abhor the killing of elephants or any living creature for any reason, except when it comes to a good steak. We also don’t have a dog, and mind your own business about our “special draw.”

I could go on and on and on because my boys remain dedicated to getting into EVERYTHING and NOTHING is sacred! And for those who don’t think women/mothers can write this sort of shit, HELLO!! I’ve got books of this stuff – in my head at least.

Yours, without the bollocks

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  1. F**k. Yes. I relate! Don't worry, my darling, they get bigger and then they'll be into their won stuff, little of which you will understand – Dual Masters cards are a case in point!

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