FIE Results for January 2013

So it’s January the 31st which  means I’ve been focused on my personal “Fuck it, Enough” crusade (or changing my life one step at a time) for a month, and I have to say, it feels good. Many of the things I’m doing have been on my list of things I’ve wanted to change for […]

Love and Arses

Driving seems to bring out the worst in people, and it doesn’t matter which country you live in, the case is pretty much the same. Steve and I do not believe we are alone reacting the way we do when someone cuts us off – with the typical “you fucking bloody idiot, what do you […]

15 Positive Motivations for my Lads

In recent months I’ve been doing a fair bit of home-schooling with my lads. This is not something I ever dreamed of doing and I have to say – it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I definitely have new-found respect for home-schooling parents that’s for sure. However, with Lex’s speech delay we are also […]

Thymus Thumping

When I first moved to Singapore, I used to notice a lot of older Singaporeans standing around, peacefully thumping their chests. I thought, what the hell is that all about? Well I found out – it’s called the “Thymus Thump” and it’s a great technique – if done every day – to make you happier […]

4 Things that Make Life Harder

Steve and I were out for an evening walk recently, trying to sort out who does the banking this week while he’s in Hong Kong and I’m racing around Singapore with all sorts of other stuff going on. Then I said hang on a minute, this banking malarkey is making our life harder and it’s […]

Violence Against Women – When Will it End?

It feels like almost every day we are hearing horrific stories about violence towards women, but there is something much worse than the actual violence committed in my opinion – the people who witness it and do nothing. I’m not a do-nothing-kind-of-girl, and even though it is a different case, when we found out our […]

I Don’t Want to Lose My Eye – 6 Year Old Panic

Lex (now six) has had a couple of rough days with a bug that’s going around Singapore – high temps, headache and all over grumpy bugger. He just doesn’t like being sick, which is fair enough, because neither do I. Although on the flip side, it’s kind of nice when he’s sick because he sits […]

What’s With the Tins of Abalone?

When I first arrived in Singapore 10 years ago, there were various things on the supermarket shelves I couldn’t comprehend, and in many cases, I still don’t. For example, whitening products were a challenge, because the girls are so beautiful, and the colour of their skin – wow. Most Caucasian women would die to have […]

Positive Thinking..

If I’ve learnt one thing in my life, it is this – positivity beats all other options. Yours, without the bollocksAndrea

40 Awe Inspiring Moments

It is said that if you take the time to be awed by the world we live in, you can be a happier person. Awe inspiring moments happen everywhere, all the time and they can be big or small. Awe can happen witnessing people showing great kindness to other people, animals or nature; watching two […]