FIE Results for January 2013

So it’s January the 31st which  means I’ve been focused on my personal “Fuck it, Enough” crusade (or changing my life one step at a time) for a month, and I have to say, it feels good. Many of the things I’m doing have been on my list of things I’ve wanted to change for such a long time, so putting my stake in the ground and going for it has felt very empowering. As such, I’ve had a really positive month, where I’m excited about the future, and while I have no doubt that some of the things I’ve done could have contributed to an overall improvement in my feeling of wellness, I think it’s my determination to do this that has had the biggest impact on my mindset.

I’ve also had some incredibly supportive comments and conversations with people all over the world (some of whom are going through or have been through some horrendous shit) and they are also launching their own “Fuck it, Enough” crusades – which is incredibly awesome. Most people have something they want to change in their lives, whether it’s losing a bit of weight or changing a crippling mindset they’ve identified that limits them.

The reality is, every day I talk to people who want to change something, but for some reason, it’s really hard to do – which was exactly me before January 1st2013. It’s hard making changes, because it’s so easy to keep going as you are, but I can assure you (with my month’s experience behind me J) if you are able to focus on changing the things you’ve been wanting to change – no matter how small – it feels brilliant. Like I said when I launched my FIE crusade, there is much I can’t change that is doing my head in, but while I’m working on those challenges, it’s nice to be in control of the things I can change.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking in the last month, and obviously before that, but the one thing I’ve known for a long time is us humans are really terrific at lying to ourselves every day. We tell ourselves we’re alright when we’re not – we often need a big health crisis before we make a change. Many of us ignore symptoms that creep up on us and get used to feeling lethargic or uninspired. We just accept it. Taking life by the balls is not easy to do, it takes real resolve and then a lot of discipline, so I’m just pleased I’ve been able to cross over from accepting the status quo that wasn’t making me smile, to taking control of the things I can change and being committed to it.

I’m obviously in this for the long haul – which is why I went public with FIE – really working to change habits and mindsets that I believe stop me from reaching my full potential. That’s all I want to do – be the very best me I can be in every way. So I wanted to share my focus areas for January and what I’ve thought and achieved so far.


  1. Wheat free for one month – the start of the month was a bit of a scramble working out exactly what was and what wasn’t wheat free. You think it’s obvious, but wheat is a sneaky little bugger and it turns up everywhere. But once the scramble was over and I worked out what was good to go, it has been relatively easy for me. As a result of going wheat free, I feel lighter, I’m never full (or heavy) after meals – even Indian – and I lost a few kilos to boot. I had one cheat night for our anniversary dinner, but otherwise it’s been 100% wheat free and I like it. There are many many symptoms associated with eating wheat, some consider it the worst GMO you can ingest, the arguments for going wheat free are really significant, and I’m committed now. I thought it would be harder, but the best bit is: it makes you think about what you’re eating and you plan more in advance. Steve is also OK with going wheat free now and he wasn’t keen on the idea at all. The good thing is we found a gluten free pizza base, so as long as he can have pizza once a week, he’s happy. His challenge has been business dinners. He turned up for a meeting recently and there was a table full of dim sum – no chance there. He’s worked hard to stay wheat free though and I’m so pleased to have his support on that. He thinks it’s good for him too. If you’re interested, here’s the blog I wrote about my reasons for going wheat free 
  2. Stretch in the morning, walk in the evening – my goal is to build my strength again, before I really start pushing myself as I like to do. It’s been good to re-commit to the morning stretches ‘cos it really is a great way to wake up and start the day. If you want to do this, put a yoga mat by the bed and as soon as your feet hit the ground, make yourself do it – it’s only five minutes of your whole day and makes a massive difference. I also remembered Thymus Thumping which I’ve added to my morning stretch routine. In addition, Steve and I started going for a walk in the evening and this has been AWESOME! The best bit is doing it with Steve, because it’s the highest quality talking time we’ve had since the boys came along, so we really get an additional benefit from it – it’s real togetherness. I’ve also enjoyed the feeling of moving again, and as we have some good hills in the area, it definitely feels like a great workout for both of us
  3. See an Osteo – OK I made an appointment, but couldn’t get it in before the end of the month…
  4. Do something new – I saw a naturopath, mainly to work out what is going on with Lex and his allergies. I have to say though, I wasn’t impressed – not with naturopathy – but with the person we visited, because it just felt like we were being pushed to buy hundreds and hundreds of dollars in supplements. The naturopath also had no idea how to deal with children and the diet she wants me to put Lex on is impossible for us to achieve right now…
  5. Take the bloody stairs – this is now ingrained!
  6. Say YES! – I am definitely saying yes more, even when I want to say no, but I am remaining true to myself at the same time i.e: saying yes if it’s good for me too
  7. Go out! – I’ve had a great social month, catching up with old friends, making new friends – it’s been really nice and re-energizing. Being around great people is definitely something that gives me more energy
  8. Listen to music – check
  9. And while you’re at it – laugh! – check, it’s been a happy, silly month


  1. It is how it is, so enjoy it – I wrote this blog earlier this month and I have to say, I haven’t been wrapped up at all in anything past or future, just trying to enjoy the days as they come. I do find this a difficult thing to really embrace, but by focusing on enjoying the ride, it’s definitely helped me
  2. “I have energy” – this is something I will continue exploring into February, because it is definitely a deep thought habit that needs to change. The reality is, when I go into tired thinking, if I instantly say “no way, I’ve got loads of energy” – just that thought lifts me up a notch. I really do appreciate how powerful our minds are
  3. Patience and love – Here’s the blog I wrote about my mantra for my boys – it really does work and I will keep focusing on this – they deserve it
  4. Give the silent gift of love and joy – I wrote a blog yesterday, entitled “Love and Arses” because the reality is: by focusing on giving love to everyone, especially the arses you meet along the way, it makes your life much much better. It doesn’t change them from being an arse, but it makes sure you don’t go on their journey with them – and that is what it’s all about, staying centered and positive, no matter what life throws your way

I did a lot of additional thinking this month, and realised new things I needed to address in the mix. I applied being busy when I could feel my happiness slipping, I recognised things that make my life harder and need to be sorted out for my own peace of mind, I reflected on the amazing things I’ve experienced in my life which gives me perspective and appreciation, I’ve read some interesting books, and I celebrated eight years of marriage to the love of my life – as my husband loves to say (yawn!) you get less for murder.

So it’s been a great start. I am absolutely determined to keep going, and tomorrow will share my actions and thoughts focus for February if you’re interested. I hope you enjoy having a human guinea pig for my little experiments!

Has anyone else made any big changes they’ve wanted to do for some time and are happy to share? I’d love to hear them??

Yours, without the bollocks

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  1. What a fantastic month of "yes" for you! I'm really pleased to hear about so many positive outcomes for you and the family.

    I was saddened to read about your experience with the naturopath, alas so often this is the experience that turns people off holistic therapies. My advice is to ask around for a good naturopath, and ignore the supplement peddler. You only need supplements when you are not getting your vitamins and minerals from your diet, and with our access to fresh veg, fruit and good quality produce there should be no reason you can't achieve this with REAL food.


  2. Hey gorgeous, it really has been fantastic to take life by the balls I've got to say. The last few years have worn me out, so saying enough has been liberating!! The problem with naturopathy is it isn't a common thing to find here. I'm not turned off naturopathy or natural medicines, just not the best experience. That's OK we live and learn. I'm also with you on making sure what we eat is what matters. I don't want to live in a supplement world xxxxxxx

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