My husband… an incompatibility

True love

When we met it was like falling in love with an opposite sex version of ourselves, we were so closely aligned in all of our thinking, values, morals and more.

The reality of the move kicks in

Andrea Edwards

We got rejected with our third request for a lease extension. We don’t know if the real estate agent is doing a number on us or

Moving again…. how bloody hard is it?

Global nomads

You know, life has been a bit chaotic for us in recent years – not just because we have two little lads – it’s actually been chaotic on a moving house front.

My husband… and sport

Women who like rugby

I’m sorry to many of my female friends for admitting this, but I am a very lucky girl. Steve, my husband, loves his sport but he never ever watches it at the expense of his family

Outsource your Home Work

Just say yes to outsourcing

I know people think we’re very excessive having a cleaner in eight hours a week, a gardener and a pool cleaner, but you see, it’s like this.

Tattoo Lovers Online

Online dating

Wow, check this out. If you’re into tats, there’s an online dating site just for you –

My husband… too cold to shag


We don’t need to look too far for reasons to get back to Asia – we miss it – the life, the freedom, the ability to all achieve what we want to achieve, and so much more

Great Yarns – ‘Mama Mia’ by Mia Freedman

Mama Mia by Mia Freedman

Being a voracious reader, I love getting recommendations for good books. One recent recommendation was from my great mate Anna, who suggested I’d like ‘Mama Mia’ by Mia Freedman.