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The reality of the move kicks in

We got rejected with our third request for a lease extension. We don’t know if the real estate agent is doing a number on us or if the owners really can’t see the benefit of having tenants in the house while trying to sell it – especially as some homes are on the market for two years in these parts – but it’s a firm no and we have to be out of here in three weeks.


First thing we’ve got to do is get rid of all the shit in our lives that we don’t need, clothes that we’ve kept but haven’t worn for years (some still with tags on), baby toys the boys have outgrown, books we’ll never read again, etc, etc, etc….

So we decided to make a start today and while the emotions certainly have a BIG opportunity to explode with the pressure of another move, it’s been a good day. We spent it focused on cleaning out our clothes cupboards, all the while thinking it’s a shame we don’t have more mates close by. We got six HUGE bags of clothes to donate to the salvos and that makes us feel good – everything has a chance for a new life and we are de-cluttering our home, properly, for the first time in a long time.

We didn’t get rid of much stuff when we left Singapore, mainly because we didn’t have time but also because we didn’t know where we’d be going, so there is a lot of de-cluttering to do and it’s going to feel good not to be choked up with “stuff.” We definitely recognise that it’s time for us to realise that stuff is a burden we don’t need to keep carrying around with us.

It will be an interesting exercise because both Steve and I buy a lot of things and you’d think we’d learn a lesson here, but nah we like having things, so we’ll keep shopping… I just know we will.

But it does feel good, it really does. A simple life would be nice if we can do it.

Yours, without the bollocks

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