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Facing up to fear

I had a funny old week last week – couldn’t quite pick myself up and get inspired, and this was on the back of a few weeks of really inspired Andrea, so I didn’t enjoy this feeling at all. One of the challenges that kept cropping up within this low point was whenever I was sitting around thinking, or trying to go to sleep, or doing pretty much anything, these horrible disaster scenarios would run through my head and I’d have to say hey, stop it already!! When I get like this, it takes everything I have to convince myself it’s bullshit and that it ain’t going to happen so I have to stop bloody thinking about it.I’m talking about scenarios like the boys getting eaten by a shark when we go to the beach, Steve having a car crash, one of the lads getting hit by a car…. you know those horrible things. I hate spending anytime thinking about these potential things, because I do think that if you think about anything enough you can make it happen, so living in fear is not my bag and I try to resist it at all costs. The problem is it does trickle in sometimes to bite me on the arse.

Last Thursday I had my regular weekly commitment with Peter Hoddle. I originally went to Peter to help with my back (I have talked about him earlier in my blog), but now I go every week to ghost write his book and it’s a phenomenal experience. Peter is a terrific fellow and he has such a great view on life – there is no judgement, no criticism and no bullshit. He’s the most down to earth spiritual person I’ve ever met and I suppose he’s become my spiritual mentor, which is a great privilege.

I told Peter about these mini-fear sessions, almost like anxiety bursts, that I’d been experiencing and as always, it was so great hearing his words. Not to mention that sometimes just talking about any of this stuff helps you to “release” it and now I’m back to inspired and happy Andrea – phew!!! Steve is overjoyed – poor bastard putting up with my moods….

Anyways, as we were already talking about fear for his book, Peter said “if you’re full of fear, your faith is restricted, diminished or even absent. That is your faith in life or your faith in yourself, for fear and faith are on either end of the same scale. When your faith is big and strong, your fear will be diminished or absent. When fear is big and strong, faith will be weak and diminished or even absent.” Mate this book is going to be a sensation.

I wrote these words down and instantly recognised myself in them from these past few weeks so I thought it was worth sharing. If anyone reading this has any fears that constantly batter against their defences, firstly recognise what they are and how they limit you, then let ‘em go, think of positive stuff, then life and inspiration will flow freely again. It really is up to each of us to decide not to be scared – of anything – and while I know how these feelings can be all consuming, if you can find your way out and are able to look at yourself (or even within yourself) + look at the way you are feeling, you’ll see it’s a waste of time and all it does is take your energy.

I don’t know why fear creeps up in me, because I am not and never have been a fearful person, but since meeting Steve and then having the boys, maybe it’s about feeling like I’ve got more to lose? But then thinking about all of those scenarios and taking into account “The Laws of the Universe” (aka the law of attraction and others,) the fact that I spend energy on those thoughts means I’ll make sure they happen, which is bloody stupid huh?

Fear just makes me miserable and there’s nothing to be scared of, so BEGONE fear, I do not accept you in my life.

As Peter said, “when you allow fear to be a focus in your life, you just get more of it….”

Yours, without the bollocks

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