It’s ANZAC Day

For my friends around the world, you might have noticed a little more activity on social media from your Aussie and Kiwi mates as we all acknowledge (probably) our most important day of the year – ANZAC Day – which stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp.  More than a Mel Gibson movie, it […]

The Battle with Self Belief

I’ve always had a lot of internal self belief – it’s something I know and appreciate within myself – and while I’ve never seen it as an arrogant thing, I’m sure it could come across that way sometimes. But I know it’s not, because it’s my fuel, my driving force, and I just like to […]

Is Pinterest on Your Radar?

I started playing around on Pinterest a couple of months ago, and I have to say: it’s MY cup of tea. I didn’t think any new social media platform could get my interest these days – with the plethora of latest and greatest competing for my attention – but this one definitely has. Considering how […]

Happy Birthday Darling

Many years ago I watched the movie “Rob Roy” and from that day I hoped I could find a man who was manly in all of the beautiful ways a man is manly, but capable of loving me with an open heart and strong enough to be my equal – because it certainly takes strength […]

Some Crazy Stuff

We all know that doctoring photos (or photo shopping) is part and parcel of the beauty industry. It’s been going on not only since the beginning of photography, but since the beginning of art and will continue to be a part of life, because it’s about fantasy and the unattainable. I get that side of […]

Dear George R. R. Martin

I’ve just finished reading “A Dance with Dragons” and, like the previous books in the series, it was brilliant – gritty, devious, heroic, fantastical, compelling, page-turning, crude, sexy… you get the gist. No one does fantasy quite like you, that’s for sure. It was also nice to have Tyrion back in the story, as well […]

It was Jax’s Turn Today

So after more than a month of having both boys at home, it was Jax’s turn to start his new school today – it’s attached to Lex’s so they can continue to be together. The decision to move Jax to a new school has honestly been the hardest we’ve ever had to make, because he […]

Lex Started his New School Today

Steve and I are back from dropping Lex off at his new school – Excelerate – and our little love walked in without even turning back – which was a relief – but it still left Steve and I in tears. It’s emotionally intense stuff this parenting job, but especially so when you have a […]