Happy Birthday Darling

Many years ago I watched the movie “Rob Roy” and from that day I hoped I could find a man who was manly in all of the beautiful ways a man is manly, but capable of loving me with an open heart and strong enough to be my equal – because it certainly takes strength for a man to allow a woman to be his equal. It was a dream I held on to and believed in for many many years and I never gave up on the possibility, even when it looked like I’d be a spinster forever! On July 12th 2003, I walked into BQ Bar on Boat Quay, Singapore, and there he was at last. It was a magical night and it’s been magical ever since… with a couple of hiccups along the way.

Our whirlwind romance was quickly followed with us agreeing to get married in Delhi 2004, an amazing and crazy wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand in 2005, two magnificent and exciting lads (2006 and 2008), three international moves (2009-2010), job security and job insecurity, challenges, laughs, and more adventures and life experiences than most people get in a lifetime – phew, it’s been exhausting! But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing and yet we remain happy as two pigs in shit most of the time.

The reason I love Steve the most is because of his courage. Many years ago I understood that this is the quality I admire the most in people and it was essential in my future partner. I’m not talking about male warrior type of courage (although Steve has that in abundance) – I’m talking about heart courage. The courage to love deeply and with abandon. The courage to admire and respect the person you are with, because it is the togetherness and equality that brings out the best in both of you. The courage to laugh all the way from your boots, and to fight in the same way, with the ability to say sorry quickly and enjoy making up. The courage to be who you are, when all around you others struggle with their identity. The courage to love your children deeply, to be willing to sacrifice everything because their well-being is what matters most, and to show them that sensitivity in a man is absolutely fine. The courage to love and serve those important to you. The courage to be strong when the world seems to be beating you down. And the courage to be open to new ideas, new ways of thinking and the courage to forgive.

Steve is that and more. He has taught me so much too – especially about love. He is an amazing person. He is an amazing husband. And the boys are so lucky to have such a beautiful Dad. Every day I feel grateful that I waited for my love and soul mate to arrive, because it is so special being married to such a beautiful, loving, caring, sensitive and masculine man. It is also very special parenting with a man of his qualities.

On that soppy note, I want to wish my North, my South, my East, my West a VERY happy birthday, and I hope this year and all the ones that follow continue to be happy, content, peaceful and stress free – with a lot of abundance in the mix! I really am looking forward to walking along the beach when we’re old – you with your nut bra and me with my jugs banging against my knees. There’s an image!

Do you know how fine you are to me Steve?

With love and without the bollocks


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