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We all know that doctoring photos (or photo shopping) is part and parcel of the beauty industry. It’s been going on not only since the beginning of photography, but since the beginning of art and will continue to be a part of life, because it’s about fantasy and the unattainable. I get that side of it, I really do, but when Mamamia published these photos of models and other famous people, as well as these supermodel shots, I was really quite shocked by how far it is taken.

I mean look at the supermodels in their swimsuits? Look at everyone’s blotchy and freckly skin – see nothing to be ashamed of if you’re freckly! Boobs and cleavages are much bigger – or smaller – than reality. Madonna thankfully looks her age. Twiggy’s photo is just dishonest. Cameron looks great before and after so why change it? Then look at Kim Kardashians’ significantly smaller waist? And why the hell would they reduce Jennifer Love Hewitts’ very sexy and impressive boobs? That’s just criminal. Is there something wrong with having sexy, big boobs?

Doctoring photos to perfection isn’t going away – you just have to witness the poisonous vitriol that comes as a result of +size model shows – people don’t want to see imperfection. Not to mention those +size models are typically sizes 10-12 anyway – if anyone can tell me on what parallel universe that’s considered +size, I’d love to know!!

The reality is we want to see perfection in our stars. When we look at photos of our idols or those we admire, we don’t want to see that they’re just like us. The problem with this culture is consequences – millions of women (and men) all over the world destroying their bodies and their lives to achieve something that is obviously unattainable. I wonder if humanity will ever progress beyond this point? I wonder if humanity as a whole will ever discover that beauty truly is within?

Many a time I am without hope as we continue to live in a cage of myth!

Happy Sunday my beauties.

Yours, without the bollocks


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