Coconut Oil and Magnesium Oil

A little while ago, I wrote a blog about synthetic oestrogen and hormones in beauty products. I was specifically concerned about the impact on my state of mind due to the daily slathering of my entire body with these concoctions. It’s hard to find conclusive evidence about impact, but I decided to take no chances […]

There is no Away

Today most of us are faced with a constant and fast moving stream of information, ideas, motivation and the less-than-savory-aspects of humankind as we share our lives on social channels. It’s a torrent that is becoming harder and harder to manage, but it’s our new digital reality and it’s fundamentally changing the world in ways […]

One More Year

A brand new Jax rocks our world February 13th 2008 When I speak with like-minded Mums – the variety who don’t wax lyrical about the wonders of motherhood and tend to be more open to conversations around the grueling aspects of the early years – one thing that always comes up from Mums with older […]