Us Humans are Weird Really…

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks your opinion or feelings about something and you tell them? We all have huh? My point? Many times the asker of the question repeats what you said, the only problem is, it’s not what you said. Naturally, when this happens, most of us say ‘no […]

I Couldn’t Put the Bloody Thing Down!

Have you ever read a book that you enjoyed so much, not only did you feel disappointed when you finished it, but you couldn’t pick up another book for a few days because you wanted to relish in the story a little longer? I just finished one – “The Help” by Kathryn Stocket. I decided […]

Can We Really Change the World?

I have been mesmerised by a book “Half the Sky – How to Change the World,” by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn. “Half the Sky” is based on an old Chinese proverb “Women hold up half the sky” and essentially the message is we’re in it together and the empowerment of women is fundamental for […]

Blog Removal

I took down a blog yesterday. I took it down because it hurt someone’s feelings, someone I care about. I am not in this blog game to hurt people, so it is gone. I expect people to disagree with my opinions and to even give other perspectives – which I LOVE – but hurt, nope, […]

And the World Grieves Again

Well we’re off to another tragic start in the natural disaster rankings in 2011. I found this interesting blog so if you’re into Jesus, a good blog to follow (I’m not a potential candidate) but interestingly, it talks about the first 12 days of 2011. You’ll notice a lot of dead bird happenings going […]

All is as it Should Be?

Peter Hoddle, my spiritual mentor, explained to me before I left Australia (again!) that if I can live my life accepting that all is as it should be, that the “big” plan is always in motion, even when I can’t see it, then I will be a lot happier. I’ve spent a lot of time […]

Are Chiropractors Evil?

In January 2003, my great friend Carlos and I sat down and drank a whole bottle of cointreau, finishing proceedings at 5am in the morning. It was a great night. Unsurprisingly when I woke up I had a headache. Then for five days after that, I had a headache. Everyone suggested that maybe I’d put […]

American Idol Predictions

Obviously added this photo after-the-fact! Isn’t it a relief to be through Hollywood week? I mean I do love it but it also shits me, because here are these kids with an amazing opportunity and some blow it because they’re too tired, or overly emotional or just aren’t mature enough to handle themselves. It’s definitely […]

I Will Never Feel Guilty Again

Noemi starts working for us today. She’ll be managing every aspect of our home lives so we can get on with doing everything we need to do – hooray! It is very common in Asia to have live-in domestic help, but I do appreciate that it is a bit of a weird concept for many. […]