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Isn’t it a relief to be through Hollywood week? I mean I do love it but it also shits me, because here are these kids with an amazing opportunity and some blow it because they’re too tired, or overly emotional or just aren’t mature enough to handle themselves. It’s definitely tough stuff, but then, being a pop star is tough stuff, so when it gets too intense kids do as my husband says, eat a spoon of cement and harden the fuck up!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun viewing but sometimes I wanna smack these Gen Y kids around the ears and say wake up, look at the opportunity you’ve got here? Then again, not everyone has the balls to realise their dreams in life and Hollywood Week is a striking example of that. If you ain’t got it, you ain’t got it, so those who have got “it” deserve all the accolades they get.

Thankfully we’re beyond Hollywood Week and it’s Andrea Without the Bollocks prediction time. I shouldn’t do predictions. Anytime I make a prediction they “bomb” out – Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, Melinda Doolittle, Chris Daughtry – not that any of them have faded away into obscurity or anything…

But I can’t help myself because I love American Idol and this year is awesome. I reckon there are nine outstanding girls and six fantastic boys. I don’t know if the new softer more humane approach of Steven, JLo and Randy has unveiled better quality or if it’s just one of those years. One thing I do know is there are some mega stars on the show and the first night performance of the top 24 was the best quality I’ve seen yet. Only a few didn’t do well.

Every year they say it’s the best talent yet, and you know what, this year it’s true. There’s a real variety of styles too, which is wonderful and some of the top picks aren’t typical. It really is cranking up to be a great year.

Before I start, can I just ask one thing? For those in the US and anywhere West of Singapore, please understand that we don’t watch the show down here until 12 hours after the announcements are made, and while social media is pretty much going to screw all of us trying to avoid the news these days – PLEASE resist in telling us the results!!! There’s nothing worse than knowing before you see the show.

OK already.

So here you go, my armchair predictions for American Idol, Season 10 – but that’s what the show is all about right? We all get to have a say. I wonder if anyone will read this?

Boys – Great

  1. Casey Abrams – number one pick, love him. Talented, funny and he plays the string bass. He’s exceptional, cheeky, interesting looking and I will always be excited to see what he does next
  2. Paul McDonald – mate how cute is he? Especially that smile when he sings? And his version of Maggie, including the moves? I absolutely adore him
  3. Jacob Lusk – this guy is crack-a-lacking – incredible voice, but will he get boring? No doubt going to make it big in the world and he’s an excitable sweetheart to boot
  4. James Durbin – have you heard this kid? Bloody hell, he goes as high as Adam Lambert, but will he get boring? No doubt he’ll be a rock star but he has some charm skills to work on if he wants the crown
  5. Clint Jun Gamboa – did a great first performance, but he was a bitch during Hollywood week and I reckon that’s going to bite him in the arse with the voters. It might be a singing competition, but being nice is really important as we’ve seen every year. Why don’t these youngsters learn? You’ve got to win the charm offensive on this show too, it’s not enough to be talented
  6. Scott McCreery – I love Scotty, he’s cute as a button and is going to be one of the big boys in country music. I hope he makes it on the show for a while because I love hearing him sing and let’s be truthful now, he’s got to have one mega set of balls on him huh? 
Boys – Not so great
  1. Stefano Langone – definitely did an awesome job on stage but I’ve never really been into him. He’s got a weird eye thing going on – lovely voice tho
  2. Jordan Dorsey – this guy is talented and good looking, but what a shocking first night. Definitely might kick him in the arse. Also he’s so single minded with his ambitions, which is fine, but you’ve got to be charming too! I don’t think he’s going to make it far on the show because he’s just too cocky. He was also another bitch in Hollywood Week
  3. Brett Lowenstern… not sure about him. Got a lot of growing up to do and a big chip to knock off those shoulders. The judges praised him but I found it awkward watching him perform – not just because of the excessive hair shaking
  4. Jovany Barreto – nice guy, great abs, lovely crooney voice BUT I was a bit bored love, sorry – Italian crooners have never been my thing
  5. Robbie Rosen – I know this kid is going to go a long way, but I find him dull. Lovely voice but just doesn’t appeal to me
  6. Tim Halperin – sorry love, but you really stuffed it up, which is a shame, ‘cos I like you. If they give you a chance, you’ll be like Lee Dewyze, but you’ve got to have the chance to grow with the show first. Might not be a good year for the inexperienced?

Girls – Great

  1. Naima Adedapo – I LOVE this girl – her style, her voice – she’s sensational. I’ll buy her music that’s for sure. I love how unique she is and I’m definitely going to be excited to watch her every week and to check out her latest frocks
  2. Pia Toscano – how bloody good was she? She’s gorgeous, incredibly talented and blew everyone away
  3. Karen Rodriguez –  this girl in phenomenal! I love her. Bi-lingual superstar in the making
  4. Haley Reinhart – I love this girl – amazing voice and what a bloody smile!
  5. Ashton Jones – gorgeous and she’s going to grow with the show, but watch the boobs l’est they escape girl, you weren’t the only one tho
  6. Lauren Turner – my cup of tea this one, I reckon she is absolutely sensational
  7. Lauren Alaina – superstar of the future here we come. She’s really talented and young enough to have a sensational future, just stay away from the drugs love
  8. Thia Megia – mate how brave is she? Awesome job, and I didn’t think she should’ve gone through. Got a long career ahead of her, and even though she’s not my bag, good on her and definitely worth admiring
  9. Kendra Chantelle – I really like Kendra and she did a great job last night, but she’s at the bottom of my top girls. There are much better talents this year but it doesn’t take anything away from her, she’s great

 Girls – Not so great

  1. Julie Zorilla – very pretty girl with great style, but she sang a song last night that made her voice look weak – you sing Kelly Clarkson, you gotta have the pipes, so it made her look pathetic, which is a shame, ‘cos I like her and she has terrific taste in shoes
  2. Rachel Zevita – I never understood what the judges saw in her and last night she sang a sexy song but didn’t carry off the sexy bit. In fact I felt uncomfortable watching her and it wasn’t dissimilar to the young girl in “Little Miss Sunshine.” Definitely the weirdy pants this year but you’ve always got to have one
  3. Ta-Tynisa Wilson – did a really shocking job last night (painfully #) and was always the one I didn’t think deserved to get through. She’s gotta be gone right?

So there you go. The show is off to a cracking start, fantastic talent, something to look forward to every week and Steve and I are hooked. Let’s see who can handle the pressure! It’s great having something to look forward to on the box. Right now we’ve got American Idol AND the new season of CSI. Cool, we won’t need to go anywhere.

Yours, without the bollocks

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