Butt Implant Goes Horribly Wrong

For god’s sake – this actually made me feel ill when I watched it – because why in the hell are women even doing this stuff? I GET that certain cultures find a big ass attractive, and I’m appreciative that in certain parts of the world my arse might be considered quite alluring – but […]

Has Lex Finally Found His Voice?

Yesterday I was in the bathroom with Lex and I asked him to do something, to which he immediately responded: “sure Mum,” and then went on to say something that told me he’d understood exactly what I said.  I wish I could remember the exact exchange, but I was so flummoxed at being understood, what […]


You know, if all of my mates on Facebook checked out my blog right now, I would finally pass the 50,000 readership mark! It took forever to get to 10,000, then 20,000 flashed by, but the build up to 50,000 has felt like a long time coming. I don’t know if I’ll ever be one […]

Purple Hat or Grumpy Old Bitch?

Something happened to me when I turned 40 – I started thinking about death, as well as getting old – which isn’t too hard when your bones ache and your vision gets worse overnight! It’s been a bit of a spin-out thinking about this stuff, but it is what it is – I’m only going […]

I’m first, I’m first!!!!

In the not too distant future, we are all going to be inundated with pictures of the perfect Christmas trees our friends have created and then we’ll really know the race towards the festive season has commenced. Since the advent of Facebook, and other social media channels, our lives have changed dramatically, and a significant […]

Surfing Birthday Cake

When you are born, the talent genes are handed out. We all get something, but the Martha Stewart gene was definitely not added to my collection. My sister, Phillipa, got my share of that gene and not only can she cook like a master chef; she makes everything look Michelin Five star. Accepting my lack […]

A Five Year Old’s Punishment

I did something really shocking last week. I went away for five whole days (on my own) to Phuket to celebrate a great friends’ special birthday. The break from normal life was much needed, as it had been 13 months since I’ve had any real time to myself, or any kind of holiday at all. […]

Thank You America

 Dear Americans, As an Australian living in Singapore, who had the pleasure of living in your fine country for two and a half fantastic years, I just wanted to say thank you for voting Obama back in. I woke up a bloody mess this morning at the possibility that Romney might get in – […]