Butt Implant Goes Horribly Wrong

For god’s sake – this actually made me feel ill when I watched it – because why in the hell are women even doing this stuff? I GET that certain cultures find a big ass attractive, and I’m appreciative that in certain parts of the world my arse might be considered quite alluring – but going to these lengths to look “beautiful” I have to ask WHY? And I’m not just talking about butt implants here – I’m talking about any beautification surgery that can kill the people who do it.

Please girls, please – can we start having some common sense about this? However, I know many girls will be determined to go ahead – so if you’re going to do it, just BE BLOODY CAREFUL. I first became aware of this story in the Daily Mail. It’s a frightening read, because girls are DYING from undergoing these procedures. They’re dying because there are a lot of dodgy bastards out there offering cheap, sub-standard services in hotel rooms and in the back of vans. I know you might not have enough money to pay for a proper surgeon, but qualified surgeons train for years to do what they do, so please, for your own sake – if it’s not legit, don’t do it.

Secondly, I appreciate that we all have very different ideas of what it means to be beautiful – I really do. I also appreciate how difficult it is being who you are as a woman in a world swamped by magazines, TV and Hollywood defining what beauty is – which is usually not what you see in the mirror every day. I also know that some blokes can put pressure on women to be more beautiful – bigger tits, paler skin, smaller ass, bigger ass, bleached anus, tighter vagina, flat stomachs, blonde hair, brunette, and so on. I also know that women can put pressure on women to fit in and be “beautiful” within whatever context that means for each woman’s culture. The pressure to be beautiful is immense and complicated – it’s not an easy thing to understand, let alone ignore or overcome.

BUT girls, we’ve got to sort this shit out. Aren’t we evolving as a species? When I see stuff like this, I am concerned that we are not.

There is only one enduring beauty any of us have and that is the beauty of our heart. Ask any 90 year old woman what she sees as beautiful and she will tell you that. Ask the same 90 year old woman if her focus on staying attractive was time well spent? I’m sure she’ll tell you it was the biggest waste of time in her life. We all get old and the only beauty we carry resides within.

What is beautiful? I think being kind to people for no reward makes you beautiful. Being compassionate towards the drunk on your doorstep because he’s having a much shittier time than you are today makes you beautiful. Not judging and sharing your food with someone on the street because they’ve lost their way makes you beautiful. Helping out in a homeless shelter or a food kitchen makes you beautiful. Being kind towards someone with an intellectual or physical disability makes you beautiful. Visiting an older person who is lonely makes you beautiful. Loving, nurturing and being compassionate towards anyone who doesn’t have as much as you, with no monetary reward for you, makes you beautiful – because let’s face it, your rewards for any kindness is much greater than what you give. It makes you walk taller, smile more deeply, and love more freely. That’s a whole lot of reward in my mind.

So I have to ask the question – can we get there? Can we make the world a magnificently beautiful place by honoring and recognizing that the truly beautiful people on this planet are those that give their hearts every day? Can the women and men who are changing the way they look as dramatically as this lady did, reassess their focus, connect with their hearts and understand what is truly important – i.e. being kind? Not to say that this lady isn’t kind, because how would I know? But can we? I sincerely hope so.

To the lady in this video, please understand I am not judging you because I don’t know you, but it makes me wonder why? Why would you do this? It just seems so crazy to me, however I am not you, so how can I understand? But don’t you already think you’re beautiful as you are?

As you can probably imagine, I’m looking forward to humanity evolving to a kinder and more compassionate level, a group of people that will be mystified by the antics of their ancestors – i.e. us. I believe it is very close.

Yours, without the bollocks

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