An Hour of Hell

I lost Lex (five and a half) in a big shopping centre yesterday – it’s the first time I’ve “lost” him. Jax has wandered off a couple of times in the past – not very far, but far enough to freak him out because he couldn’t see me. He learnt his lesson and stays close […]

It’s Hungry Ghost Month Again

It’s that time of year, when the ghosts come out to play and everywhere you look are shrines, burning effigies, food, celebrations and more. I love this month because it’s fascinating, and if you’re interested, I did a blog on it 12months ago to give it a bit of context. If you drive around the […]

But You Can’t Chew Gum!

Image courtesy of One of the first things people say the minute I tell them I live in Singapore is – but you can’t chew gum! It’s amazing, it happens every single time (like it’s important or something), and then of course, they wax lyrical about how clean it is here – even if […]

Post Olympics Blues…

Well it’s all over. I stretched it out as long as I could, only finishing the last hour of the closing ceremony last night, and it’s been bloody brilliant – although I’m definitely looking forward to a few early nights. Nothing gets the emotions more stirred up than watching people being the best they can […]

Synchronized Swimming – Respect

I caught a bit of the Synchronized Swimming this week – I can’t tell you the last time I watched it. Like most gals, I spent a fair amount of time in the backyard pool practising my synchro moves with my sister, and like most people, a fair bit of time scoffing at its claim […]

Am I a Mummy Blogger?

There’s a slightly patronizing term (in my opinion) doing the rounds in blog-land and it is Mummy Blogger or should I say Mommy Blogger? I’m Australian, so Mummy Blogger it is! I hadn’t given it much thought, until recently an old school mate sent me a link to an interview opportunity on Mummy Bloggers and […]

Olympic Observations to Date…

We’re already half way through the Olympicsand I haven’t been able to watch half of what I want to watch – mainly because it took us three days to work out which bloody channels were worth recording in the first place. Happens every time, but then, what did we do before recorded TV? We’ve been […]