Post Olympics Blues…

Well it’s all over. I stretched it out as long as I could, only finishing the last hour of the closing ceremony last night, and it’s been bloody brilliant – although I’m definitely looking forward to a few early nights. Nothing gets the emotions more stirred up than watching people being the best they can be in whatever field they choose. I know some of my US friends thought the opening and closing ceremonies were a bit weak, but I thought both were brilliant – celebrating everything great about the UK, but most importantly, celebrating the amazing musical icons to come out of that country. It was lovely to see Queen being honoured and Annie Lenox as well – a phenomenal woman. George Michael – well one song would’ve been enough – but after his near-death experience a while back, it was cool to see him too – definitely a big part of my teenager years. I found both ceremonies a bit eccentric like only the Brits can do – and I’ve got to say, eccentric is good.

Photo of Sanya Richards Ross

With that said, there has been a lot of criticism about the models being part of the closing ceremony. I am in two minds about it I have to say. On the one hand, I really appreciate the negative feedback about the anorexic, drug taking, (and in one case, violent) models being part of a show celebrating everything healthy about the human form, but on the other, these models have succeeded on the world stage and it was an opportunity to showcase Britain’s world-class designers too.  I suppose I just didn’t get my knickers in a knot about them being part of the show.

I was pretty disappointed to read about the Belarusianfemale shot-putter being disqualified for drugs, and while it’s bloody awesome Kiwi-gal Valerie Adams now claims the gold, I am absolutely gutted for her that she didn’t get to stand on the middle podium and experience that victory live. Instead, she found out about her gold medal while driving in a car. How bloody disappointing must that be? There are claims up to 60 percent of Olympic athletes take performance enhancing drugs – which I can’t see changing anytime soon – BUT when it impacts people like this, well that just makes me sad.

Talking about female athletes, for the first time, the US females outnumbered the men AND more than 60 percent of US Golds were won by women – cracking stuff. I reckon if I was a lesbian, I’d be a groupie for the US women’s athletics team. There are some foxy sheilas in this team, Allyson Felix is one, but the sexiest by far is Sanya Richards-Ross– she always looked so stylish with those funky armbands, and for as long as I can remember, Black American women have made athletics sexy.

But it’s done. The global sporting fiesta that celebrates all that is good about humankind is over for another four years. I’ve loved every minute of it, as I’ve always done, and while many believe Australia had a bad Olympics, those Silver and Bronze medal winners might get the accolades they deserve? My country certainly couldn’t have gained 10thposition on the medal tables without the 16 Silver and 12 Bronze to back it up that’s for sure. But I don’t care about the medals – anyone who earns the right to get into the Olympics is already a champion in my mind.

Anyways, it’s left me inspired to be the best I can be, and that’s the goal of it right? 

Yours, without the bollocks


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  1. Actually, Australia would top a table showing performance on a per capita basis (no. of medals divided by population), followed closely by the Netherlands! I think that's something to write home about. As for "who would I turn for", those diving blokes are pretty amazing. 😉

  2. I totally agree, be your total best (and then try to be even more, as you never can tell what your best will be). But know we are already doing something pretty special in the world too, and you don't have to be gold to be worthy. And inspire others with your faith in them too.

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