Boat People – Compassion or Rejection?

In recent days, the Prime Minister of Australia declared boat people will no longer be welcome in Australia, and if they head that way, they’ll be settled elsewhere for “processing”. I have a lot of mixed emotions around this news, but the one over-riding feeling is a deep sadness – a sadness that my country has […]

10 Lives I Want to Reincarnate Into…

I was not raised with a belief in reincarnation (the Catholic Church got rid of that escape clause before the Middle Ages), but I really like the idea of it, ‘cos it means you get to explore every possible angle of being human – including that which you love and that which you hate in […]

The Datsun is Back

I read today that Nissan Motors is unveiling its first car in the resurrected Datsun brand in India, and while everything about this announcement makes total sense, it brings back so many memories…. This is a hotted up version of our old car… while ours was also red, it wasn’t this pretty and it didn’t […]

A Hard Working Hubby and Dad

10 years ago today I met the love of my life and I even wrote a blog about it once. However, this morning Steve jumped on a plane and flew to Australia, so we’re not going to be able to celebrate our decade together – other than the 4.30am happy anniversary kiss I got this morning. […]

Six Months of FIE – Progress?

It’s just over six months since I kicked off my personal “Fuck it, Enough” crusade and I must say, wow that’s gone really fast, or has it? So much has happened within the last six months, not just for me, but for the whole family. I’ve certainly never lived a quiet life, and the last six […]