Six Months of FIE – Progress?

It’s just over six months since I kicked off my personal “Fuck it, Enough” crusade and I must say, wow that’s gone really fast, or has it? So much has happened within the last six months, not just for me, but for the whole family. I’ve certainly never lived a quiet life, and the last six months have been nothing short of mind-blowing – but in a really good way. It seems the decisions I’m/we’re making are finally the right ones because things are working out – hallelujah!!

My FIE crusade has a simple goal. I’m trying to work out how I can be truly energized, inspired, content, growing, learning, satisfied, and ultimately, joyful – every day of my life, or at least the majority of days. There are some “theories” that suggest you can only be a little bit happier than you are currently – a genetic-type or social-type-input thing – but I reckon it’s bollocks. I reckon you can cross the chasm from being a complicated person who gets dragged down by life, to being a really happy person BUT it’s not easy, not easy at all. When you see a happy person, give them a pat on the back, because they are remarkable.

The biggest change was starting full-time work nearly five months ago. To say this transition has been intense is an understatement. It’s a bloody roller-coaster of emotions, mainly to do with my little guys, but I need to tell you a secret – I’m enjoying it. No I actually think I’m really enjoying it and that’s so important for me – because I need to. The work is huge, the diversity fascinating, the opportunities endless and I’ve learnt more in the last five months than I have in the last five years. I’m still bumbling around trying to work it out, making stupid mistakes along the way, but I’m back in the action, and it feels good. I needed it.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I also need to travel. Whether work or personal, it’s kicked off again with trips to Sydney, London, New Orleans and Seattle. Not to mention, I’ve got a family holiday to Phuket coming up in a few weeks, which I am SO looking forward to. I don’t know if everyone understands it, but when I travel – whether it’s new or I’m returning – I feel alive. Different smells, sights, sounds, and most importantly, people. All of the trips have been awesome, but the best part has been catching up with my old buddies around the world to share laughter, memories and stories. Nice.

Due to the workload – and it’s been intense – I haven’t done a lot of the things I set out to do in January, especially around the physical exercise arena. I need to get on top of that. But I have been paying far more attention to what goes in and on my body. Food-wise I’ve always been good because I have to. Shit food gives me the shits, literally. There are certainly no packaged goods in my home. But I’m more focused, and obviously taking gluten out is a big part of that. However, it’s also the stuff that goes on my skin. This includes not buying shampoos and moisturizers with crap in them (especially synthetic hormones), as well as focusing more on the cleaning products in the home. Also after the recent haze, I’m definitely going to make sure we don’t buy anything with palm oil in it, unless it’s sustainably grown.

There’s still much to do in the home, although sometimes I think I need a fricken science degree to make sure I buy the right stuff. Crikey it’s hard. But my approach remains step-by-step. I want to make sure all of my family are only exposed to the good stuff, but I must say, some people do not stand a chance of being able to afford some of these changes… that is a huge concern for me.

I suppose the biggest thing for me in the last six months has been the focus on my mind. I set out to change thought-habits that don’t serve me. This has been a part of my life for some years now – really focusing on my thoughts and making sure they’re good for me – but the month-by-month focus on a thought-habit that is negative has been really amazing. It’s not always easy sustaining it for the complete month, but even going for a couple of weeks has been wondrous.

With my thoughts, I’ve focused on getting rid of thoughts where I put myself down in anyway – I’ve always been my worst critic. Equally I’ve tried to address emotions around my boys – trying to adopt positive thought processes when they drive me nuts. I’ve woken up every day for a month and immediately thought life is awesome and something great is going to happen today – a goodie by the way. I’ve addressed my tiredness“addiction” which has changed my life. I’m not there yet, but I just don’t give it the head-space I used to give it. If nothing else, that alone has been terrific. And of course, living in the moment more. I’m not always good at that one, but I’m trying.

There’s so much more going on but I’m in a different place and my family is too. Challenging times really do end see? I feel like whatever was blocking me has finally gone, but I know it’s a lifelong process. Stress doesn’t leave your body immediately – apparently it takes a good 18 months to get clear of it – but I do feel I can relax and smile again. Perhaps? I hope so. I just want to be happy. That’s it really.

Yours, without the bollocks


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