A Hard Working Hubby and Dad

10 years ago today I met the love of my life and I even wrote a blog about it once. However, this morning Steve jumped on a plane and flew to Australia, so we’re not going to be able to celebrate our decade together – other than the 4.30am happy anniversary kiss I got this morning. Steve did leave me a lovely note though (as well as enough of my favorite chocolate to last while he’s away) and the note said lots of things, but one comment stood out which I thought was worth sharing:

It’s not our wedding anniversary, but this is one more result from that fateful night 10 years ago…
“10 years, 2 kids, 8 homes, 5 countries, 2 redundancies, 7 schools, 4 operations and 4 helpers later I realize I love you more and more every day.” Sweet huh? Until he went on to say that I do shit him sometimes occasionally too… which of course I do, because I shit myself, so it comes with the territory.

But what do you reckon – a lot achieved in a decade huh? I think so and when you see it written down that way, it makes you stop and think. Perhaps it’s time to take a breath? Nah – boring!

However, there’s something I’d like to acknowledge about my beloved and it’s one of the reasons I feel like a very lucky girl every day. Steve works his arse off for me and the boys. He never stops working for us, because he is singularly motivated to ensure we are happy all the time, and while sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, it is always appreciated – always – and it makes me work harder for him too.

As an example, yesterday, in the craziness of getting packed and spending time with each of us before leaving, he filled the car with petrol, made sure there was enough money on the cash card so I didn’t get stuck, transferred money around accounts so I could easily access it, stocked the home with my favorite things, stocked the home with potential necessities, paid bills so I don’t have to worry about it, spent one-on-one time with Jax, then spent one-on-one time with Lex, took me out for dinner, and got himself packed, etc…

Recently when I went to the US he did the same – got US$ for me, confirmed my flights, reserved great seats on every leg of the journey, made sure my points were attributed, and generally made sure everything was sorted so I only needed to pack my bag, get on the plane and go. He’s a remarkable fella.

But I want him to start working for himself a little too. He is so selfless he always puts himself at the bottom of the priority pile. If I need something or the boys need something, he drops everything and he’s there.

That’s why I’m not pissed off about him being away for this anniversary weekend because he’s doing something for himself. He’s extended a business trip to spend time with people he adores and they’re going to see an Aussie Rules Football match – boys bonding over sport, does it get better than that?

So I love my man and feel very privileged to be with him, but darling, remember to take care of YOU too and go enjoy every second of this weekend because YOU bloody deserve it. Equally, while we’ll all miss you, I’m happy to hang out with our little dudes, making sure they’re happy, while you have a jolly-good time with your mates. Hand on heart, it’s the truth.

Happy decade together babe – you definitely get less for murder.

Yours, without the bollocks

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