Kids Driving you Nuts? Here’s Something Cool

A friend, who’s a bit of a spiritual, hippy, mother-earth type (hi Erica) pushed me towards a Website that delivers emails five days a week to help you become a better parent. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that my boys do have a tendency to drive me NUTS, so I subscribed and […]

LoL or LoL?

Please help me because I’m not feeling very “in the know” these days! I’ve been having an ongoing disagreement with Steve about the meaning of LoL and I actually think he’s right. I don’t have an issue with him being right BTW (which means “by the way”) I’m just at the point where I’d really […]

Bunny… eggs… have you ever wondered?

One day, if my boys are curious lads, they’re going to ask: “Mum, why do we have the Easter Bunny because bunnies don’t lay eggs?” And I’ll say you’re right, let’s go and do a bit of research into that, OR I’ll get the basis of an answer together today and share it with my […]

Who’s Watching “the Wedding?”

Royal Wedding season is in full swing. The protesters are petitioning for the right to protest, the Union Jack flags are up, the street parties are being organised, we haven’t seen Kate’s dress yet (but the excitement is mounting,) and the cynicism is flying around thick and fast. Every Pom I speak with tells me […]

Simple Moments Maketh a Day

I was down on Arab Street in Singapore the other morning, arriving before 10am when the shops were just starting to open. It’s great watching a city come to life isn’t it? I love Arab Street. It’s a curious collection of shops and people and smells and sights – definitely worth a wander whenever you […]

I’m Obviously Shit at Predictions

I did my American Idol predictions a few weeks back, because it’s important to put one’s stake in the ground, but I am obviously either shit at it, or in a different world to the demographics voting on that show. Now I wasn’t upset about Pia going. There is no question this girl is phenomenal […]

Extreme Children

A couple of nights ago I said to Noemi, our maid, that if she wasn’t happy working with us (because the boys are extremely demanding right now,) that she needed to tell us and we’d do everything we could to help her find a new employer. This was on the back of two weeks of […]

Moaning Kids

I’ve got to say my LEAST favourite thing about being a mother is the bloody kids moaning. I mean, do these kids know how bloody lucky they have it? Do kids in most “first” world countries know? My mate Jaimey recently said kids are more protected, coddled and spoilt than ever before, which makes sense […]

Anal Bleaching… What The?

Well here’s something special, truly bizarre, and a little bit delicate, so be warned, it might not suit everyone’s taste to read about an activity involving the anus… You have been warned! My Kiwi mate Naomi mentioned a recent episode of the Kardashian sisters (I have no idea why they are still on TV but […]

A Recipe for Love for Those who are Losing Heart

My mate Tash posted a blog about a recent online dating experience she had entitled: “Close Encounters of a Turd Kind.” He was a real charmer – claiming he’d “had” 628 women – one can only presume he meant shags – what a legend!! Anyways Tash is back in the game, hoping to find her […]