I’m Obviously Shit at Predictions

I did my American Idol predictions a few weeks back, because it’s important to put one’s stake in the ground, but I am obviously either shit at it, or in a different world to the demographics voting on that show. Now I wasn’t upset about Pia going. There is no question this girl is phenomenal and will be joining the gang of three (Whitney, Mariah and Celine), but I was getting a bit bored with the ballads and the stilted performances every week. I also think she was too “perfect” for the American public and that’s what got her voted off. She’ll be right though – Pia is heading for mega-star land – no question.

Naima, an early favourite of mine, had a rough start, but once she got her hearing sorted (thanks to Mark Anthony I reckon) she was awesome and entertaining. I think she just got too cool for school with her reggae song, and while I thought wow, I can see her music becoming the future choice for backpacker hang outs all over the world, as Bob Marley is now, the voting public obviously couldn’t see that. I really wonder how powerful the tween vote is over there? Would love to see the demographics.

Thia and Ashton were understandable vote offs. Thia has a future tho – she’s 15 and what a voice! Karen Rodriguez was a shame, mainly because I don’t think she managed her music choices that well, but I hope she releases a record – a Latino superstar of the future I reckon. So now we have two girls left – Lauren and Haley. I think they’re both tops and while Lauren is still young, she has an amazing voice and I’m sure she’s picking up the votes, young and old. Haley might struggle after last night as the only one criticised, but I dig her raspy voice – that is how I love my women to sing. I hope she stays.

The women certainly need to be represented, but at this point, Lauren’s got the best chance. Like JLo, I am very concerned by the lack of support for female contestants. Come on America. We’re going to start thinking you’re women haters in the rest of the world!

So who’s going tonight? For me it’s Jakob or Stefano. Both sensational singers with immense talent, but I’m a bit bored with Jakob (like I was with Pia) and Stefano remains a bit wanky as a performer for my liking. But that’s just me. I’m sure the little girls voting out there love him.

Scotty is sweet as they come, but not sure how much further he can go – but then who knows? Casey blew me away last night – I LOVED him but Steve thought it was crap. Will that hurt him? People who didn’t get the jazz vibe? We shall soon see. And James doing heavy metal – ROCK ON! It was awesome and fantastic to see on the Idol stage – I’ve definitely got a slight penchant for heavy metal I must admit. Finally there is Paul with that gorgeous smile, funky suits and sexy voice – my cup of tea and I’ll definitely buy his music one day. In fact, I can see myself buying Naima, Paul, Casey and Haley – all very much my style, but will any of them make it to the end?

All I know is this season of American Idol is magnificent – really really.

But I can’t vote, and of my top four only three remain – so I’d better go and watch the results to see if I’ve lost anyone on my list.

Oh wait, has anyone else had enough of the studio mentor stuff with Jimmy and the crew? I want the guests back – Harry Connick Jr. and co. With that said, I do appreciate that this change to Idol might be the trick that’s making the show more sensational this year – contestants getting that real and consistent professional advice – but the guest superstars really did add some sizzle to the show – I miss it.

Yours, without the bollocks

PS: appreciate that there’s a lot of awesomes and magnificents and sensationals in this blog, but it really is a magical year on Idol, so I don’t apologise for that!

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