Kids Driving you Nuts? Here’s Something Cool

A friend, who’s a bit of a spiritual, hippy, mother-earth type (hi Erica) pushed me towards a Website that delivers emails five days a week to help you become a better parent. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that my boys do have a tendency to drive me NUTS, so I subscribed and it’s fantastic – it really can change my whole day.

I’ve cut and pasted a few of the recent ones I liked, and if you like it, you can go to Enjoy Parenting and subscribe. I rarely get things in my inbox that I look forward to and this email has quickly become a favourite of my day. It’s short, easy to digest and well, it can change my mood for an entire day.

So as the love was shared with me, it behoves me to pass it on. Hope you enjoy it. Hopefully I’ve done enough attributions to have not broken any copywrite laws…

Excerpts from THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

“I’d Rather Feel Good!”
“We’ve been conditioned by the agents of our culture — parents, teachers, the media, etc. — to believe that our success and happiness depend on being “right.”

“Today, let’s question that…

“When you argue with your child, you may be “right,” but do you feel happy?

“When you criticize your partner, you may be “right,” but do you feel love?

“When you berate yourself for making a mistake, you get to be “right” about your wrongness! Are we having fun yet???

“If you feel stress today — even mild tension – ask yourself if you’re trying to be “right” about something, and consider the potential relief of simply letting it go.

“Just breathe… and tell yourself, “I’d rather feel good than be right!”

Copyright (c) 2011 by Scott Noelle

A good reminder huh?

“Unadulterated Fun

“When parents take their jobs too seriously, they cease to appreciate their children’s childlike innocence. They start to care more about being right than having fun. They think they’re being “adult,” but really they’re being “adulterated.” 🙂

“Childlike” is not the same as “childish,” which is when a child behaves like a caricature of an adulterated adult. Childlike adults seek unadulterated fun: responsible but light-hearted and playful.

“Today, let your child’s commitment to fun inspire you to relax and be more childlike. And when you’re tempted to take parenting too seriously – to “adulterate” — just tell yourself, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” ;-)”

Copyright (c) 2011 by Scott Noelle

I think this is a favourite. I hate being too bloody serious all the time!

“Boycott That Thought!

“Conscientious parents often boycott companies whose products and practices undermine children’s well-being. Today, let’s play with the idea of boycotting *thoughts* that undermine your parenting vision.

“The human mind is like a marketplace of thoughts, and *attention* is the currency with which you “buy into” a thought… or not. You boycott a thought by paying no attention to it — by focusing on a better, more empowering thought instead.

“A conventional boycott is only effective if large numbers of consumers participate. But there’s only ONE consumer in your thought market: YOU. So when you boycott a thought, that thought’s “market share” goes to zero percent and it goes “out of business.”

“When you feel bad about your parenting or your child, it means you’re buying into some negative thought or perspective. For example, a thought like “I suck as a parent” closes your heart and undermines your creativity, so…


“…and give your attention to encouraging thoughts like “I don’t have to be perfect… My parenting is gradually improving… I’m finding my way.”

Copyright (c) 2011 by Scott Noelle

Good huh? Obviously I like it. But if it resonates with you, check it out. I’ve really found it can change my whole mood for a day, which means I’m calmer, more accepting, and more loving to my wee lads. It’s definitely made a difference, and pretty quickly to boot.

Right, time to log off and start enjoying “The Wedding” build up.

Yours, without the bollocks


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