Olympic Observations to Date…

We’re already half way through the Olympicsand I haven’t been able to watch half of what I want to watch – mainly because it took us three days to work out which bloody channels were worth recording in the first place. Happens every time, but then, what did we do before recorded TV? We’ve been squeezing the Games in whenever we can, with Steve being immersed in gymnastics for the first time in his life. He’s most definitely not a convert – just a good husband ‘cos he knows it makes me happy. 

Some observations of the games so far…
  • I LOVE living in Asia – it’s a wonderful part of the world – however as a general rule, the strong preference for (and participation in) Badminton and Table Tennis means it dominates Olympic coverage. This is fine, except half of our evenings are spent fast forwarding through both. I’ve definitely come to appreciate the skill and fitness levels required in both sports, BUT it’s just not my cup of tea. Team Singapore did get a bronze in the table tennis though and that was lovely to see
  • Being away from the epicentres of sport is challenging in a significant way – the commentary teams! The coverage is obviously bought from some central repository, where they bring in previous Olympic participants, but my word, some of them are so painful I would rather watch table tennis. Most of the observations are nothing short of bollocks. Thankfully Steve runs a more entertaining back-up commentary
  • Talking of commentators, the use of the phrase “meat and two veg” shouldn’t be used in any context when you have 20+ men walking around in budgie smugglers during the diving final
  • Women at the Olympics – every country in the world has now contributed female sportswomen and I think that’s awesome. Also for the first time, countries like the US, actually have more women competing than men – cool huh? It’s amazing that it’s now 2012 and we’re only just getting there, but all good things should be celebrated. However, Saudi Arabia, I really appreciate you allowing a woman to compete, but it would be lovely if next time she walks ahead of the men in the Opening Ceremony, as opposed to behind the men. It just looked very VERY wrong. If you actually noticed the other teams that do not walk together (most teams just mix it up) the women walk at the front OK? Just a suggestion and I hope you take heed for future events, because I’m sure the world is looking forward to seeing more of your gals in future
  • Did anyone notice Mr Egypt prancing around the Gymnastics area in his leotard? I didn’t realise men wore leotards under their shorts – until this Olympics – but after seeing his lunch box firmly on display every chance he got when not competing, I now know
  • Can anyone tell me exactly when North Asia got so bloody good in the pool? Every time I watched a swimming race, China, Korea or Japan was in the top three – amazing, but when did that happen? Obviously there is also some rumours about a young Chinese female swimmer, so I REALLY hope nothing comes of that and it’s just because she’s phenomenally talented – I really do. I hate drugs in sport
  • Female weight lifting – a personal passion of mine – anyone else watch it? I was so close to taking it up in my teens, but looking at some of the girls, I’m glad I didn’t. It was exciting to watch, but there’s some scary girls in the mix

And of course, it’s a bit sad watching the Olympics this year as I am not hearing the boring strains of Advance Australia Fair ringing out. The team are rock solid in Silver and Bronze – so nothing to be ashamed of – but it hurts a little bit deep inside that there aren’t more Golds… Of course, if NZ comes out ahead of Australia, shit that’ll be worse than the All Blacks winning the bloody Rugby World Cup Final against the Wallabies – we’ll never hear the end of it. However I’ve got to say congrats to NZ for the Golds – bloody awesome stuff. Then again, to protect myself from future ribbing from my Kiwi friends – come on Aussie!!!

I’m looking forward to the final week for sure – anyone else notice any corkers?

Yours, without the bollocks

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